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Quote: Originally Posted by shelley4 i'm within a few lbs of pre-preg weight of kid #2. this is my goal for right now. i was 10 lbs less than that for kid #1, and that's my second goal. i think i was only 5 or so lbs less than that for my wedding weight (we didn't own a scale back then!). but utimately, i want to get to be about 20 lbs less than wedding weight.... my long term goal. it is funny how these things are such big markers in our lives! ...
Quote: Originally Posted by _betsy_ Sounds like the Pacific Northwest to me, but I've never lived there. Naw, the PNW doesn't get much snow (although you can drive to it in an hour) and it is pretty darned expensive. I don't think there is anywhere along here that you can buy a house for under $150,000
Quote: Originally Posted by Carita My friend swears by Rosetta Stone - she could access it for free through her public library. I agree the best thing to do is to try to get some exposure in person though to really learn conversational spanish. Reading and writing is almost a whole different cognitive level from carrying on a comversation. Here we have a spanish church whose members teach free spanish lessons as community outreach. I don't...
last day!! I lost 7 pounds total, and I was able to squeeze into a pair of 7 jeans that I haven't worn in years. 2 months ago, I was wearing 18s and those were getting tight
Well everyone, I have examined my life to figure out where I can simplify and find more time to keep my house and heart organized and calm. It comes down to this: I can't come to mdc anymore. I have been on this board for 7 years and I have learned a lot, but I am spending way too much time here. I am not a moderate person and so it has to be all or nothing. I need to get off this computer and engage in my household.
research assistant for the summer fulltime student, and with the grants I recieve, it is a paid for position, kind of. I don't make enough to support us, but between my fulltime status, dh's fulltime status, dh's parttime job, and a little help from the govt for food and medical, we do okay
Best of luck to you. You are an awesome person
nope, I have arthritis in my big toe and the pressure of jogging is horribly painful
2 more pounds gone. I am at 173!! Which means 7 pounds for the month and only one pound away from a total of 20 pounds since I started 6/22/08
Here;s a story, of a lovely lady.... Yes, I would believe it. People can be friends
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