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In the past week, I have found a friend from middle school and an old roommate and his sister, who I lived with in 1991!! Anyone else having this kind of crazy luck? It is so awesome. It is weird to have this many worlds colliding though. I moved when I was 15 and finished high school in another state. So, these two sites hold people from my first high school, who may have known me when I was 13; people from my second high school who knew me from 15-18; my local...
Quote: Originally Posted by AlpineMama What do you mean? Like, 10% of the cabinet space should be empty? Or 10% of the counters should be clear? Or... I'm confused! I think it was specifically 10% of bookshelves. I will see if I can find the article. But I am taking the message into my life and trying to find 10 emptiness everywhere
Quote: Originally Posted by moonfroggy i used to walk 6 miles a day 3 miles each way though so not all at once. i'm certain i could have done 6 miles all at once at that point. personally i prefer to bike than walk in the rain but with good rain gear. i find it easier to stay warm and dry on a bike. Yep, my husband is the same way, but I would much to prefer to walk, even with rain gear
NO, I mean all at once. Is 4 mph really the average walking speed? That would be a 15 minute mile, right? I do a 15-17 minute mile when I am alone and an 18-19 minute mile with dh. I have really long legs and a 15 minute is still a really good clip for me. I am not sure I could sustain it for an hour and a half. I am willing to try though
OK, bread machine and air cleaner that we never use are both gone(or at least in the garage in the go away pile). I have started cleaning out cabinets and getting rid of food we won't use.
oh yes, this is life in our tiny little house. I recently read that every space should have 10% of it open, and that is what I am now striving for
I have been biking 10 miles a day all summer. I don't like to bike in the rain, and I live in Washington, so the rain is inevitable. I am thinking about walking instead of biking during the winter. I am trying to figure out if 5-7 miles a day is feasible. How many miles do you walk a day?
I have been thinking about starting this type of thread too! I listen to White Stripes. I also like 80s dance and metal music.
yesterday was not terribly successful. I felt sick pretty much all day and didn't want to do much. I did sort through the pencils and pens and got a real mess dealt with there. Now we have a basket of pens, a baskets of pencils, a closed pencil box for colored pencils and markers, an open one for crayons, and I found my staples! I paid my boys a dollar each to do the shredding from the paperwork cleanout the night before, and paid one boy 50 cents a dozen to sharpen...
last night, dh and I watched a few hours of Friends and I tackled some paper waste! We had a small shelf that was overflowing with papers and we went through it yesterday afternoon, then last night I went through our file box and recycled or shredded 3.4 of what was in there! Old bank statements and utilility bills and papers that ended up there becasue they didn't have anywhere else to go. I also sorted and categorized paper, so that I don't have two or three folders...
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