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I know this wasn't your intention, but your post kind of makes me angry. As a 37 year old who started undergraduate work at 35 and who plans to start a PhD at 40, it is hard to read this. It comes across like a size zero asking if she looks fat. I took a class that focused a lot on "emerging adults" and many people in their late 20s are still figuring out what they want to do, both with their careers and with their families. You will not be old to be starting over.
We go through a lot of cereal here! I buy it at the dollar store, and we usually get organic or at least cereal with all natural ingredients. My boys eat it with a side of yogurt and possibly some toast adn they are good to go
heehee, that is what it feels like! I took a half a laundry basket full of recycling out to the recycling bin too! I hope to get a bit more done tonight, but will hit it hard again on Wednesday
I always used my real name. It is like being in a class with people.
5 cd roms thanks for the encouragement! 1 camera
12 books
12 placemats 3 napkins 1 ball cap
9 books 3 pairs of shoes 1 pair of boots
12 more books 2 magazines 3 posters
OK, about an hour in: 53 books 9 videos 14 magazines And I found alibrarybook that we had paid for because it was missing. we will get check from the library. This will seem obvious to those of you who are organized, but I woke up this morning with a huge realization. Stuff management is just like weight and money management. I have to have less stuff in my house than my house can hold, just like I have to spend less than I make and I have to eat less than I burn if I...
New Posts  All Forums: