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OK, I keep thinking that I am decluttered, but if the house is still this messy, we still have way too much stuff. We have three school aged boys, two dachshunds, live in about 800 square feet with a big garage and both dh and I are in school fulltime. I am also trying to lose 40 pounds (17 down, just about 25 to go!), study for my GRE, plan on grad school, bike 10 miles a day, take pictures for a hobby at least once a week, go to the Y, play with my kids, spend time...
that is awesome. I am nowhere near that point in my life, but good for those of you who are!
she was home?!?!?!?!?! I owuld think that the police would have access to records to locate the mom. If the boy knew his own last name, the police should be able to find his address adn his mom
wow, at this point, I would feed him and call the police. He is not your responsibility, and his parents could be putting him in danger
I am not in this category, but I want to subsribe and cheer you all on!
that is crazy! How old is he?
I would hire you and not think twice about it. However, if I were a doula, I would not dye my hair like that. I think it would turn off a lot of mainstream clients (who aren't on mdc) and would make it harder to be heard by OBs. I had my hair purple (just streaks) and I was amazed at how differently people approached me. I was the same person, but people's perceptions had changed remarkably. So, i am a big believer that if you are working with the public, you should try...
When he and Julio were down in the school yard? Drugs? Homosexual activity? Gang stuff? What? And why is the mohter and child reunion only a motion away?
omg, some of you are soo young!
oh my!! For those who don't know, a tag sale is New English for garage or yard sale
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