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mapymyride covers a lot of the the exericse stuff, I don't know if it does all that you are saying though
I think they took this week off and it returns next week
I only have a second here, but there are a few neighborhoods like that. My nieghborhood, up by Roosevelt Elementary, is a sweet neighborhood. I don't know how you define "Not too urban" It is all houses and the only businesses are a couple of corner markets and an awesome bakery with a beautiful garden to sit in while yuo eat. We are a mile from Budd Inlet and the farmers market, a little over a mile from the library and downtown. Health food store is abuot 1.5 miles,...
We have thined out. DH and I are both in college and will be going on to grad school. Most of our books are relevant to our subjects, or are classics. I would rather check classics out at the library, but dh wants them. The boys are pretty thinned out already. They are voracious readers. We go though their supply often. But my oldest one will sit down and read in a college text book in one or two sittings, so he needs a steady supply. As far as a library room, nope....
We have so many books and a small house. We also have baskets and bins for holding papers. I am thinking of taking down pictures and just doing shelves n every wall. what do you think?
What do I do with it? WHo do I send it to? It is a link to an ad
ooh, pretty!! pink!! You look awesome Jaime, I have to make a confession to you. I have been on mdc since 2001, and I don't actually recognize very many posters because my brain just isn't wired that way. But I seriously stalk you! I really love your attitude and your posts and I always hunt them down
I can actually top that. The other day I was in the Dollar Tree, which sells food and has a refrigerator and freezer section, so it isn't just dry goods. The woman had a dog. Not a little dog, like a beagle sized dog. The dog wasn't in a cart or anything, but walking on the floor. The dog wasn't even LEASHED, just excitedly walking next to her. And then, when the dog came over and jumped on me, she said, "Oh he is just so excited." My 7 year old got it. He said, "How...
Quote: Originally Posted by rachelle-a-tron http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/jamies...ml?source=mypi http://werealotlikeyou.com/ I seriously love these ads! We kind of stalk the radio to hear them. They crack us up. Because, although not everyone fits a stereotype, you can always find people that do fit stereotypes, adn those stereotypical people do exist in Washington. And the presentation of the ads is so funny!
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