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Quote: Originally Posted by ewins24 : Not everyone here ears Birks No, some wear Danskos. And others wear Docs I can usually convince myself that it doesn't always rain here, but this summer, I am having a hard time believing it!
OK, so here is my big news. I am going to start doing a "tri" a week. I put it in quotes because it is my own thing, no ta real triathlon! But once a week, I am going to do a sprint, so I will bike 12 miles, then take a 3 mile brisk walk (I can't run because I have arthritis in my toe) and then a .5 mile swim at the Y. My other big news, I went through my clothes and got a give away pile together, of things that are too BIG.
yep, this is me too! it is not good adn I don't like it. When I watched too muc tv, we got rid of the tv. There was a withdrawal phase, adn then it was fine. But I can't do that with the internet. I am a student, dh is taking classes online, we bank online, so there are legit reasons. But yes, it totally sucks my time away and I hate it!
I am in Washington state, and most of the "misconceptions" are true for some people. There are espresso stands every few miles in my town, and people are really outdoorsy, and it does rain a lot over here on the westside of the state. No it doesnt rain every day and we do get the sun sometimes, but we get a lot of rain. I lived in New Mexico for a few years and the biggest issues there were people thinking I was in Mexico. The New Mexico magazine has a back page...
I am in Olympia wa. Before we moved here five years ago, we had been told that it would snow about every three years, once a year. It has actually snowed every year that we have been here, at least once. And this year, it snowed 3 or 4 times! It melts really soon after(later that day), which is nice. Of course, we can go visit snow anytime we want, since we are about two hours from Mount Rainier
Ugh, so it is raining now. The day before yesterday, I went for an evening bike ride. It was going to be 14 miles, mostly of trail riding. On the trail in the trees, it was super dark, adn the horses had pooped and the riders didn't clean up, so I was dodging horse poop on my dark path, and the rain was steady, and got heavier. On the way back, it was even darker and when I got to the street, there were no lights on the street and it was horrible and scary! I ended up...
Quote: Originally Posted by RosemaryS-F Can someone respond to this please I hav enever done weight watchers, so I don't know, sorry! Mayb e start a new thread in this forum about it? You will probably get more replies.
oh, and I live in a really crunchy area, where I am sure a lot of people bake for their kids. Also, the school is right across from a fabulous, crunchy bakery, so kids get treats from there a lot too.
hm, clementine, your experiences were nothing like mine. I am 37 and am the youngest of 9. My parents both grew up during the depression and we lived in a small town in the midwest. Dad worked in the steel mill. Every Friday was shopping day. Mom would let us pick out cereals if we were with her. There were always sugary cereals. We would often get the variety packs. We also bought poptarts and little debbie snack cakes. Oh, and little variety packs of Frito Lay...
I think it is a cavity thing, because the gum speands so much time on the surface of the teeth, so sugar would bring on cavities. Chiclets have either sugar or corn syrup. Glee gum is awesome, but it is sooo expensive!
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