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Email your profs and ask if you can use an earlier edition. They will tell you if you can and will soemtiems even tell you what the differences are. I have been successful buying the really cheap ones sometimes, but sometimes the cheap ones are missing vital CD roms. the international editions are always way cheaper and absolutely no different fromt he AMerican versions
hi everyone. I just watched the last episode last night and wanted to walk about it! What happened with Rick and the cousin? (Are those the right names?) why did he come running out like that? Did she move too fast? OOh, I was just reading speculation that he is gay Go Janet with your new job!! Give her something to micromanage that really needs it! My husband said that Bruce is the most confused man on earth right now! He is trying to figure out why it is okay to dtd...
I think that two pounds a week is the outer limit of healthy. But it is sitll okay. I have lost 15 pounds in 7 weeks. When I first started, my calorie count was low like that, and I couldn't do it. I am sure it was safe, but I was hungry and felt deprived all the time. Recipe for disaster, adn there is no way I would have stuck to it. I upped my exercise, and I exercise an average of 90 minutes a day, and burn 5000 calories a week. With this, I can eat about 1600-2000...
:: :: : : I did it!!! 5 pounds lost!! I weighed in at 175 this morning, and when I first posted on this thread, I was at 180!!!!!!!! YAY ME!!!!!!!!
ooh, time to be proud! I was feeling a bit sluggish by the end of the week, but I forced myself out for a 2 hour, 22 mile bike ride Saturday evening. And then my dh and I took a half hour walk late thaat night. It was a hot day too, so I thought I wasn't going to get any exercise in! I also took the boys swimming, and i got a little bit of exercise in. Then, Sunday, I biked dow to the Y (about 5 miles) and rode the elliptical for 10 minutes and swam for 15. I do laps,...
that is soo weird, because I just started such a thread two days ago, I think http://www.mothering.com/discussions...750&highlight=
ooh, i love mystic!! I love the little ice cream shop next to the bridge, and the other one with the amazing handmade candy, Of course, I haven't been there in 10 years since I now live on the other side of the country.
Quote: Originally Posted by CanidFL ETA2: I just looked at some of the pics people posted and realized I have hipsters and not boy shorts. I didn't know there was a difference yep, I think mine might be hipsters also. I am having trouble with the subtle differences there though!
OMG, I have so many documents and now I can't access them! Dh downloaded a partition manager a few days ago. Now, when I try to open an office document, I am told there isn't enough space on drive D (We don't have a drive D). So, I reinstalled Word, but I didn't uninstall it first. Maybe that is the problem? Anyway, when I installed it, I got a message that MS Access database could not load the setup or translator library. I cancelled and it uninstllaed. I tried to...
is zumba hard? It looks fun, but I am so uncoordinated!
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