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Oh, I totally am planning to pick up a package for myself! I was just amazed. Here we women are encouraged to wear dental floss, while guys get to let it all hang out
who woulda thunk this would be such a hot topic? lol I yhave to tell you though, I borrowed dh's boxer briefs the other day, and I was in heaven! They are sooo comfy. And no panty line or wedgie. Which just got me mad at manufacturers again. Women have to have these insanely uncomfortable underwear with all sorts of issues,a nd guys have three to choose from, and they have no panty lines.
We had one of those mesh things from IKEA. Not to hold webkinz, but for regular stuffed animals. It got heavy really quickly and then the velcro wouldn't hold anymore. After that, even when I had one animal per level, it still wouldn't hold.
I like them a lot. I am actually going to start making the switch to wearing them almomst exclusively/ If you get the lace ones, they are sexy and don't leave much of a line
yep, that is the way it has been here all summer. 60s and 70s and raining. And then this week hit the 80s and now the 90s. By Monday it will be back to 70s.
whew, we went swimming. I don't know about anyone else, but I am a lot calmer now! The boys seem to be as well
And the boys and I are all cranky and annoying each other. I should get up and get on with my life, but all I am doing is vegging in front of the computer. sigh
we got rid of ours about a month ago. It is stillin the garage, waiting to go on craigslist. The tv and stereo went too, because we can do it all on the computer. It freed up so much space and we were able to totally reinvent our living room
While taking a walk today, I noticed this sign right down the street: http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y87...t=193_9376.jpg I better keep a close eye on the wiener dogs, in case that guy gets a hankering for kielbasa!
It is shrinking! I actually just measured it a few minutes ago and it is 31. 7 weeks ago it was 36
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