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Unless it is bday or xmas, anything the grandparents buy stays at the GRANDPARENTS house. That's what we ended up doing and it worked out. They didn't want the crazy clutter either! A.
I've done it in a mesh bag or a tied up pillowcase (make sure it is secure) in the washing machine with the towels or sheets. Then spread out to dry or hang up the mesh bag so they dry in there. A.
I'm in. I'm going to go with 50 bags/boxes out. I don't know if I'll get there, but I know in the past I've gotten out 50 small uhaul boxes. And there's still more to go! I'll call it success if I can lose 50 in this wave. So far I've done 2. A.
I use this. http://www.lets-clean-up.com/ A.
I like this: http://www.lets-clean-up.com/ I liked Motivated Moms better than Fly Lady but I like how over time Let's Clean Up adapts to my house's needs/schedules/frequency. A.
Low shelves and a mixture of baskets, easy latching lid tubs, and hard latching lid tubs. I get these at Target. That way there is a limit to what she can get herself (baskets and easy latching tubs) and then she has to ask me to open the hard latching tubs still at 6. And I won't open them for her to play with if the other stuff is still strewn around. Old thing goes back before new thing comes out. She's gotten slack, so I have to change the easy latches...
I'm just plain tired by that point. I collect, wash, dry, and flip around at least 2 loads of laundry M-F -- the towels, sheets, kid and adult clothes, slipcovers, curtains, dishtowels, cleaning cloths, table cloths, etc. So no, most nights I'm too tired to fold and put away too because I'm only going to be doing more the next day. People around here have to either help put it away or put up with living from the laundry basket of clean stuff. I figure I'm...
Save money and stop so much packaging waste by making your own all purpose spray cleaner. My favorite "recipe" is 1-2 tbs Dr Bronner's Peppermint Soap added to Water to fill a 32 oz spray bottle It smells fresh and kills small bugs like ants on contact. You can spray and leave it on to help repel bugs from windows, doorways, baseboard, etc. Also, a gallon of Dr Bronner costs about $32. One gallon is 256 tablespoons. That's something between and 128 - 256 spray...
Quote: With holidays coming what do you tell family and friends when they ask the dreaded question.........what does your DS want? I stick to a theme. This year it's board games. Last year it was art things. The year before it was dress up. When child opens it and I see what she likes best and doesn't like, I get the ones she does not like out to donate discreetly. The faster the better so some other kid can enjoy it without lost pieces or broken...
Yep -- I'm there! Fall cleaning... A.
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