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Shay s and hoping that your pain decreases with each passing day. Are you still on pain meds?
Shay I'm curious,did your son give a reason for wanting to take a year off? When I graduated from high school I wanted to take a year off too. It was a no go with my family. I'm the baby and was the first to go to school. So everyone was looking at me to be "The One". I always felt the pressure and at so many points I felt burned out. Eventually I just stopped putting in any effort,which lead to academic probation . It's crazy because I was 25 and married,but still living...
OMG Purplegirl,I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I pray that with each passing day more of his pain is relieved and his sight is restored. BIG BIG s to you during this time.
I suggest the Phil and Ted. If you do purchase one,just be careful when you put air in the tires. I made the mistake of putting too much air and had a blowout.
Quote: Originally Posted by AmBam Wow, NY! I'm such a country girl! I can't imagine living in the city! What do you do for fun? Do you have friends with large families? Have you always homeschooled? WIll you find out the sex of the baby? Do you have a preference? I don't do anything for fun. The most enjoyment I get is on FB,keeping in contact with friends and family. I don't have too many friends with large families,but my sister also...
Quote: Originally Posted by BirthNut What are your plans for this birth? How did your other births go? Do you like living in Brooklyn? What do you & your husband do for a living? I'll be having a repeat c-section. My first 4 births were vaginal,last 2 c-sections. My first section was due to positioning and I had to have a vertical incision. During that section my uterus tore,resulting in a t. So when I became pregnant with my 6th child I had...
Looks like we've all been thinking about our childrens schooling. I hope everything works out for you all. I'm thinking about sending the children back to school next year. Actually it was my husbands idea,but i haven't given him a solid answer. The morning sickness has been kicking my butt and most days it's hard for me to get out of bed. I know that I probably have 2 months of this suffering. I'll be having a c-section in October and there is no way that I'll be...
YES YES YES,a Mei Tai. I'll have to add asking for help to the list and asking your DH to help out a little more. Personally I've always been very independent so asking for help was difficult for me. It took me some years. An extra set of hands works wonders.
BIG BIG s. I hope that everything is fine and it's just the bleeding that sometimes happens during pregnancy.
Hoping that everything is alright
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