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Sorry about the no intro. It's pretty rough around here right now and one of the things that I'm dealing with is pregnancy scatter brain. I was happy to even remember that the spotlight was on me today. Where are you from?Brooklyn,NY. What # child is this for you? This will be #7 Was this pregnancy planned or a surprise?Surprise,surprise. The last 5 have been surprises Tell us about some of your hobbies. I really don't have any hobbies. I want to learn how...
I'll be going to Steinway to The Foundation of Knowledge for my Arabic. My hubby goes now and it's very good.
I'd like to attend this,but my son is having a day of Cultural Expression at his school. hope some others can enjoy this. Hello All, Last time it was inclement weather that postponed our event. This time its sun and fun! Come out and join the Mocha Moms of Brooklyn as we support Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees and Partners in Health and our families in a day of music, food, fun and a wonderful raffle. We will be accepting donations to send to Haiti for the...
I'm so sorry. BIG s
Quote: Originally Posted by Draupadi Gosh- I haven't been around in forever and I miss everything! Jannah, congratulations! I (of course) found out on FB. You just take care of yourself. I'm now 37 weeks pregnant and tired as all get out. I'm ready to be done with this. I'm looking forward to giving birth again and having another little one around but boy, am I exhausted. Now here's a question for any of you: are you a part of any mommy groups?...
Thanks for the replies. Praying that everything is alright.
OMGoodness. Time to throw out some bath toys. I posted that link to my facebook and I'm sure a lot of others will join me.
Quote: Originally Posted by becoming Oops here! I would never, ever, ever, ever, ever (is that enough evers?!) plan to have babies closer than 3 years apart in age. Ever. Ever ever. Editing to add: Mine are 20 months apart. Ever. Ever ever.
My children are close in age 12,8,7,5,3,1 and another due in October. we weren't trying to have them close together. then again,we weren't not trying . Personally the best space for me is 3 years,but for some reason I keep missing that mark ETA: I EBF and my cycle always returns the next month after the baby is born. In this pregnancy I've had 2 boughts of menstrual like bleeding, fun eh.
So so sorry for your loss, big
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