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Had bleeding in the beginning of the pregnancy, I'm almost 7 weeks. Didn't even know that I was expecting,thought it was a menses. Then I found out that I was pregnant. I only took a HPT because I was super moody. I had a US on Monday and the baby appeared fine. Now I'm slightly cramping and bleeding today. The last time I had the bleeding it started on the 17th of February. For those of you that had decidual bleeding,did it start on the same day every month?
Liquesce,you will be in my dua. Inshallah,it will excede your expectations. For the newcomers to this thread,I'm an AP mama to 6. Inshallah #7 will be here in October.
I used them for a few of my pregnancies and they worked for several weeks. I need to get them this week.
A friend is looking for this midwife, Nonkululeko Tyehemba. Does anyone know her or know how to contact her?
I voted,relationships with spouse or children. I feel bad,but it is what it is
Yes,just beginning the first trimester. Thanks for your reply. It's very reassuring .
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewsMother Um, No! Do not even say that about me (even thought I really want a second child) I am not a member of an DDC. LOL. Not DDC,DDDC Dirty Deed Done Cheap.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewsMother Does anyone know how I obtained the bold font tag line below senior member? Are you asking if one of us gave it to you?
I found out with my first 5,I couldn't help it. With my 6th I knew that I would need a c-section and I decided not to find out the sex. I figured if the birth wasn't going to be a big mystery,at least something would be. It was hard not finding out because I had several late term sonos due to GD. I made sure not to look at the screen and that the tech knew not to tell me what the baby was. I plan on doing the same for this baby. I'm hoping I don't get GD this time...
New Posts  All Forums: