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I am at my wits end. I'm thinking about starting our lessons in the afternoon. I am so tired and don't want to be bothered. I hope this gets better soon.
We've recently had to throw out several toys due to high lead levels in the toys. Check out, http://cpsc.gov/
UmmSamiyah, it is totally doable. I know a sister who homeschools 5 children and works nights. Maybe I can connect you with her. Can you PM your email?
Ooooh,sorry to hear about your teeth. Hope it gets better soon. How long has this been going on? I'll take a look at the link. it's good that you're still able to enjoy yourself. I've been going to bed early the past few nights. I'm just too tired to stay awake. We don't have anything similar to Rosh Chodesh. My husband does give me Wednesday early evening and Saturdays offs. When I was really moody he took care of the children after work for 4 days and gave me the...
Feeling a little weak,still very moody and somewhat tired. I'm having cramping off and on,but nothing major. Can't wait until my Dr appointment on Saturday. Thank you for asking. How are you and the children?
BIG ,so sorry. I might be out as well. Had a sono on Sunday and they only saw a sac. Will have another done on Saturday. Thanks for posting the link about the blighted ovum.
I thought that I was/am feeling something,but I had a sono on Sunday because of back pain and dizziness and they only saw a sac. There may or may not be a baby. I'll know on Saturday after another sono. I'll tell you,I definitely feel movement. Maybe it's just the sac
Thank you all. Went to the ER because of back pain and dizziness. I had a sono done and they didn't find a baby,only a sac. It could either be too early to have seen the baby or I could have a blighted ovum,which would explain the bleeding that I had. I'll know more on Saturday.
No,she's nursing the same. This is really weird for me. I've had decease in supply,but never increase. She's enjoying it,so I guess I should be happy. I'm just not used to this.
salaam Sister, I haven't been here in a while. Inshallah all is well with everyone. I am expecting my 7th,Inshallah. Have to get to the Dr ASAP because I think that I might be further along than I thought. Khadijah12345, looks like we are both in Brooklyn. I know a lot of Sisters that have used the Yemeni Cafe on Atlantic for their Aqiqahs. I love their lamb,sooo yummy. Mabrook on your pregnancy.
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