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This is my 4th time nursing during a pregnancy and this has never happened to me. It first started with me feeling the let down,which I hadn't felt in months. This has been going on for a few weeks. Now I'm sitting here at 4am with engorgement.
#1 Born on EDD 6/14 oz #2 38 Wks. 7lbs #3 39 + 2,though induced 6/15 oz #4 38 +4 8/9 oz #5 37 +6 7/9 oz #6 37 +2 7/8 oz With my last 2 I wonder how big they would have been if they had gone a few more weeks. I had gestational diabetes my last 2 pregnancies. I'm expecting #7 to come earlier as well.
I'm 35 and this is my 7th pregnancy. So far it's been my easiest. I had gestational diabetes with my last 2 pregnancies at 32 and 33. So I suspect that I'll have it this time around too,but it has nothing to do with my age.
For me I think that I'm going to ask someone else besides my DH to be in the room with me. He just doesn't do well and I need all the support that I can get. What about you?
We have a king size that sleeps me,hubby and the 1 and 2 yr old. Sometimes our 8 and 5 year old creep in the bed at night,which is no fun for my poor back. I just found out that I am pregnant so I might be moving to the sofa
You can sign me up too.
Hello everyone. This is my 4th time nursing during pregnancy. My baby just turned 13 months. All I can say is OUCH!
Due to medical reasons I'll be having my 3rd c-section. My babies have been coming earlier and earlier,so I'm expecting this one at 37 wks. I hope that he/she holds on to at least 37 weeks.
Big I hope the pain goes away for you. I nursed during 4 pregnancies and the pain didn't go away for me. Try to make sure that most of your areola is in his mouth so his teeth aren't touching your nipples.
Thank you ladies . I'm going crazy over here because my Dr can't see me until the 11th. So I made an appt to see her partner on the 6th. I've been feeling movement. This month I had what I thought was a menses. Now I'm wondering how many months this went on. If I go to the Dr and they tell me that I'm 4 months I'm going to faint.
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