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Thank you Rootz . I guess I'm preparing myself for the comments.
While I thank you all for the ,who is going to say WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??? I am officially a nut case Don't get me wrong,I'm happy,but feeling batty. I had an appointment in Jan to get the IUD,but changed my mind about that form of birth control. I was going to set up an appt with my OB/GYN for the diaphragm,but obviously that's no longer needed.
Thank you all for the advice. Well, I found out why I'm having the blues I like being tortured . So now I need advice on what I can take for pregnancy raging hormones. ETA: Mums the word on FB,thanks.
I guess I belong here too. I'm Pregnant with my 7th and my 6th just turned 1 in January,but as you can see from my siggy I have a history
Felling very blue the past couple of days. I believe that I'm suffering from PMDD. Is there anyone else here that has this problem? I'm going to try the homeopathic route first. If that fails then I'm going to do meds because I can not function like this anymore.
Oh Lisa,many many many BIG HUGS to you. I absolutely know how you feel. I wish that I could offer some advice,but I myself suffer from the same issues,if not worse. You are an intelligent and beautiful woman who deserves much success in whatever you decide to do.
For a long time I've suspected that I might have PMDD. It's time that I get some help so that I can function,for myself and my family. I'm in NYC,does anyone have any recommendations for Dr's?
Thank you ladies You said it purple girl. I spoke to my brother today, so far so good.
I enjoyed reading more about you. You have a beautiful family
Eilonwy, I hope you get better soon. CONGRATULATIONS Brown Lioness. I have been MIA for a while, it's good to be back. I have a bit of good news. All of my life I thought that my father was deceased,but this week I found out that my father is in fact alive and living less than 10 minutes away. The man who passed away,my mothers husband wasn't my biological father. Turns out that quite a few people in my family were aware of this,but didn't want to be the one to...
New Posts  All Forums: