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ETA: Disregard what was previously written, it was the wrong address.
In NYC most salons charge $30 to do little girls hair. I think that's a fair price.
Thanks Pia. I could do one or both of those options, but I'm thinking non US poor. I already have something in mind for locally.
I'm always thinking about how rulers of countries live in luxury while their citizens live in such disrepair . I was watching a program about Ethiopia and the terrible conditions that so many people live in. It was a tear jerker, especially when you see the children. Then I started thinking, what can I do? So, I've decided not to take the trip to VA, but instead to donate at least $500 to charity(just have to tell my DH). I think that DH will be on board,...
Thanks ladies, I'll check it out. I think it can also be a teaching lesson If we go, I'd like to take the children to these http://www.history.org/visit/eventsA..._date=9/3/2009
Hubby just told me that we're going to VA next week for the wkend::: Where should we go. I want the children to have a blast, but most of all I want to feel like I'm on vacation(especially before I start homeschooling)KWIM?
Quote: Originally Posted by Auraji Let's trade places! I LOVE city life, it's just very stimulating for me to have things happening all the time and see the mix of cultures. Im a people watcher, it inspires me to write and here where I live there's no one to watch. I rarely even see people walking. I have friends that live in Brooklyn, family in The Bronx. I used to live in Jersey City for like 4 months. I live in Hatfield, PA. Way too small for me,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Auraji Thank you! I see you're from Brooklyn. I love it there so much I need to catch up on all the post in this thread and get to know y'all better. I was raised in both Brooklyn and The Bronx. Do you have family in Brooklyn? One of my good friends moved to York PA and I'm making plans to visit her for a weekend:. We lived in central New Jersey for 4 yrs, but came back to NY in 07. Eventually I'd like to...
: Aura, CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby girl and welcome to the tribe.
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