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: CONGRATULATIONS Brown Lioness BTW, what is NMY?
The thing that stands out most for me is this "at the end of the school year my son was so stressed he had to start seeing a therapist. This summer he has been great, no need for therapy or meds to deal with his anxiety." If living with you is going to be less stressful, then I think he should atay with you. As for college, I agree with the PP who have said that your DS should be able to get letters of recommendation from teachers/advisors in WI. In any case, whatever...
Quote: Originally Posted by purplegirl Hey mamita. Don't hesitate to contact me if you need some strategies for for helping your dd with the ADHD and ODD. I NEED I NEED. PM you right now.
Not really suppossed to be here, my FB friends know what I mean. Just droping by to say hello. : Purplegirl, CONGRATULATION Thanks, Sheila. I hope it works out well for me, and you if yo decide on HS. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but my 8 yr old DD has ADHD/ODD and she is a real challenge. Welcome back BKmami, you've been on my mind. I'm in Bed-Stuy, so I know what you mean.
Walaikum AsSalaam Peaceful_Mama. Hope that your Ramadan goes well. I won't be fasting this Ramadan because of my nursling.
Sounds like a bundle eh, it beats what we've been paying for tuition . Thanks for all of the info, I'll look into it.
I need curriculum recommendations for K,2nd, and 3rd. I'm working with an $800 spending max. Thnx
Quote: Originally Posted by JustKiya Looks interesting - but I wish they provided more details on what the curriculum actually contains. I thought the same thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by umsami Assalamu Alaikum: I posted this in the Ramadan thread, but thought I'd post it here too. There's a free get ready/psyched for Ramadan seminar being held online on August 17th. You can read more here: http://www.almaghrib.org/ilminar/ It looks very good...and the Shaykh giving it has a good reputation and is a native English speaker (Canadian). Peace. I singed up for this, thanks for the reminder.
rootzdawta, whatever is decided I hope that things work out for you all, children included. An online friend sent me this http://www.africanamericanimages.com...tissetclae.htm, what do you all think?
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