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I would think that travelling anywhere in Europe is pretty much as safe as in North America.When you don't vaccinate you rely to some extent on others that are vaccinated, and the majority of people in Europe are vaccinated against all the major deseases like polio, typhus, etc. So instances of these deseases are very uncommon and you are relatively safe. When you travel to countries where those deseases have not been eradicated you do take a certain amount of risk....
I immigrated from Switzerland to Canada 15 years ago, met my Canadian dh at an airport in Pakistan...moved here and got married before my visitor visa ran out 2 years later. Our kids are dual citizens. I don't miss Switzerland as much as my family that is all back there, especially my mom, we were close. Other than that this is home now. Switzerland has changed a lot, and I doubt we will ever move there.
Sorry, I cannot comment on a wrap as I hardly ever carry my 6m old dcb around. Being in Canada where most women take 12m mat leaves we hardly ever get tiny babies. My dcb is a really happy guy and likes to sit in his boppy pillow and watch the action around him. Congrats on the interview, hope they sign on! I have been doing home daycare for 9 years and usually have 5 kids 4 and under. My own kids are 8 & almost 10yrs old and in school full time.  
Liam Cassian and Kiera Leah, too many Liams around now, all younger than ours, ugh...
My kids are in grade 2 and 4 of a French Immersion school, they started in Kindergarten, which was 100% French. 10% English was added in grade 2. We speak English at home. I do know some French but am not completely fluent. Enough to understand their homework though. For us it has been an excellent experience. My ds had some trouble with reading in grades 1 & 2, but really improved in grade 3 and is now at grade level. Their French is amazing. Both my kids are bright...
I would do FD. Here in Ontario he'd be actually starting Grade 1 with a Dec. birthday. I think full day kindergarten helps with the transition to grade 1 the following year.
A few days ago, I found brand new pair of Rockport walking shoes in my size ($25, would be over $130), a Firefly winter coat for dd $10(they sell new for $129), a Bundle-Me stroller bag ($5, sell new at over $50)!
I am Swiss and we always folded them widthwise growing up, lol.
Finding Drs is not easy in Ontario, but you may be lucky in TO. We are on a waiting list here in Peterborough. You can sign up with healthcare connect though, and on their form it allows you to write comments, so maybe you could add your wishes there. Here is the link: http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/ms/healthcareconnect/public/
I think you are human and reacted in a human way. That said I would try to find other solutions for the artwork. My dd is also an artist, we have a door that we put up her favourite artwork on for a few weeks, when she makes a new favourite one we take one down and replace it with something new. Whatever we take down gets recycled, and whatever she decides not to put up gets recycled, too. She is absolutely fine with that. She gets to choose what stays up and how...
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