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Thanks for the replies.  To clarify, I am not at all concerned about my supply.
My nursling is 17 months old and my breasts are significantly uneven.  Like one fits perfectly into my bra cup and the other is significantly overflowing out the side and top.  They have been this way for at least a year now.  I'm pretty sure it is due to us both favoring one side (the larger one).  Is there any hope for me?  I try to focus more on the smaller side in hopes of evening them out a little but I have been unsuccessful.  My latest attempt is to nurse on the...
Eat more protein!!  My feet have looked swollen a few times recently.  I've noticed it was always on a hot day (but they don't swell every hot day).
I'm 35 weeks today.  I got a pedicure last Friday and I'm still pregnant :)  Enjoy it!!
I just wanted to comment on the size difference between you and your husband.  That is meaningless.  Your body will build a baby to fit YOUR body regardless of your husbands size.  I am 5'6'' and my husband is 6'5''.  That means the difference in size between mom and dad is the same for you and I.  I was perfectly capable of birthing my son vaginally and drug free 3.5 years ago.  Do not let your OB use scare tactics to get you to induce early.  Babies are born when they...
My son also weaned!!  It happened sometime within the past month, just around when he turned 3.5.  I'm pretty happy with how it all went.  He finally admitted that there was no milk but every once in a while wanted to check and see.  He would barely even latch on and say something like "yep, still no milk".  He does say he wants to have milk again after the baby is born.  I have a feeling that he has lost his ability to latch though.  Just this past weekend we were...
I know of two buying groups that have drops not too far from Olney, MD.  Send me a PM and I'll give you more info.
If you had Chiropractic Care during your pregnancy (or currently are) when did you start?  I had back labor during my first birth so it's been recommended that I start chiropractic care soon.  I'll be 21 weeks this week.  I'm wondering when I should start.  With my last pregnancy I did see a chiropractor towards the end but it was strictly to try and turn my breech baby.  Insurance does cover up to a point, but it's still a $25 co-pay so it adds up fast.  Hopefully I...
I am wondering the same thing myself.  I had a doula at my first birth (hospital) but not sure if I really need one at the birth center (Special Beginnings) for pretty much the same reasons OP mentioned.  I'll be watching to see what others have to say about birthing at a birth center with or without a doula.
I have one side that is more painfull also.  It's also the side that was more painful and damaged when my son was a newborn.
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