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Mylie, I'm sorry, but no recipe.  I'm a throw it together kinda gal :)   2lbs of ground beef 1lb of broccoli/snow peas 1/2lb of spaghetti noodles chopped garlic and ginger to taste coconut aminos (about 1/2c) salt and pepper to taste   Hope that helps :)
It was so good.  My picky hubby couldn't stop RAVING about it :D
Tonight we're having Teriyaki Beef and Broccoli.  This will be my first try with Coconut Aminos since we're a soy-free house.
I too am exhausted, becoming depressed, and just feeling like a lump of lead.  I'm going to start supplementing with Vit D again, good idea.  I hate this time of year, it's gray, dreary and COLD.
I've never had anything done with mine, but this time I'm going to get it encapsulated.  I get my periods back really soon (5wks and 10wks), so I'm willing to do anything to keep them at bay for at least a few months :)
Prettyisa: Have you looked at Baby K'tans?
I hope you can go in for a doppler soon.   I too had very odd feelings last week (I'm 17.5wks now) and I was SURE baby was dead.  I went to my midwife the next morning and we got a strong heartbeat and then yesterday we had our first u/s.  Everything was great.  However, I still cried many tears b/c I was sure something was wrong.  The weight is lifted off my shoulders now and I hope the same for you :)
What is your favorite newborn carrier?  I have a linen ringsling and a Two Mommas Designs full buckle tai.  I think I want another buckle tai, mei tai or a woven wrap (which I've never tried before) b/c I prefer 2 shoulder carrys.   What are your favorites???
We certainly haven't decided on names, but I'm "pinning" names on NameBerry.com as I think about it.  Dh named our oldest 2 and I told him that I wanted to name this one ;) .  My great grandparents whom I adored growing up, were Lila and Axel.  I'm really leaning towards their names this time.  We'll see...
This is a great question and I always have a hard time answering it.  We buy our grass fed beef from the farmer in large bulk (100-200lbs at a time).  I also pick/grow a lot of fruit and veggies in the summer and freeze them.   So, for everything else we buy, it's about $120/week for a family of 4.  It would be remarkably higher if I had to buy meat each week.
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