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Quote: Originally Posted by Irishmommy If it's his home number (which I'm sure it's not), then call him right after every call at 4 a.m. Actually, I'd be tempted to call and leave him a voicemail after every call - so he can see how many you are actually getting. if it's not his home number, *find* his home number and start calling after every call you receive. seriously.
Quote: Originally Posted by corrie43 I just read on a blog of the top 20 apps thatspend lite was the best free budget app. I think I am going to download it... cool, i'll check that out. i downloaded something called HomeBudget (Lite) yesterday. does anyone have any experience with that?
can anyone recommend a decent, cheap (free?) iPod touch app for tracking expenses? i basically just want to be able to write down everything i spend and categorize it. i don't want it to be connected to a website or anything (and it shouldn't need to use wifi). if you can recommend something, it would be awesome if you include a little description of its features. thanks!
I simmer the homemade bone broth with some seaweed until the seaweed is tender. Then I put about a tablespoon of miso in a bowl and ladle broth and seaweed on top. Yum!
in hebrew mom is "ima" (eema? i never know how to transliterate it). grandmother is "savta". i know of a few lesbian couples where one mother goes by "mom" and the other by "ema," which i like a lot.
Quote: Originally Posted by kaliki_kila 49. Doomsday Book by Connie Willis A woman goes back in time to the Middle Ages. I love historical fiction and this was right up my alley because everything was so vivid and real. There's even a little girl with a red cape and a fairy tale forest and then all of the scary plague stuff. Only thing I didn't like was the woman from the future was from 2054ish and the author didn't envision cell phones (the book...
Quote: Originally Posted by KYCat I loved Isaac's Storm by Erik Larsen. I know this thread is for people who like non-fiction, but this book is incredibly well written and moves like fiction. i haven't read this, but i recently read and loved "The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic and Madness at the Fair that Changed America" by the same author. it's about the world's fair held in chicago and a serial killer who apparently set up shop down...
thanks for sharing your experiences, ladies. i really appreciate it. and thanks for the link to that article, MeepyCat (and no, not your relative, but i'm sure there are lots of folks in the same boat!). again, if anyone has found an article with lots of numbers in it, i'd love a link.
a loved one was just diagnosed with placenta previa at ~19wk ultrasound, but i don't have any of the specifics (i.e. marginal, complete, posterior, anterior, etc.). we've all been reading up online, but i'm not finding the information i really want, and i was hoping some of you wise mamas could help. here are some of my questions: 1) i've heard that around 80-90% of PP diagnosed at this stage in a pregnancy resolve. are there more detailed statistics if you have more...
i agree that everyone has a different learning style. i also knew how to crochet when i wanted to learn knitting. i checked out a couple of books from the library and asked here. someone (many people, probably!) recommended the stitch 'n' bitch book, which i got and used to successfully make a pillow cover with a cable pattern on it as my first project. i also like having a physical book that i can carry with me in my project bag to refer back to, so using web sites didn't...
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