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I noticed this thread on Waldorf http://www.mothering.com/community/t/683104/life-after-waldorf-a-support-group/1180 perhaps you could post your question there.
I have read that is Sweden (and a few other places) the culture in general is more aware of the dangers of emf and does more to keep people protected form it than somewhere like in the US. Is this true?  tend to think of Sweden as a peaceful place in general but I have not ever been there so don't know. Is it nice therein terms of peace and quality of life?
bobcat- what kind of things did you figure out from the emf meter?
I read mothering magazine for years through my 20-s and early thirties before I had a child in my late 30-s. I found mdc by googling birth stories- I first read the birth stories before I was pregnant. Then I just kept hanging out at mdc since then and a couple yrs later had my child and have been a frequent user since. I love mdc it is a fantastic place to get unbiased answers from experienced other moms and also to find tons of people going though similar experiences. I...
hi Bushmama   I know the feeling of missing your family so much once you have a family of your own! I only live about 6-7 hours drive from my family but that is still a lot. We now visit about 4 times a year for a week and I generally feel sad when I leave too. My son is almost 4 and it was only since he was born that I had any desire to go spend a lot of time with my parents and sister! That's what having kids does to you.   We live near my dh's family ( but none of...
I don't know the answer but I am with you on trying to find ways to stay away from too much electromagnetic radiation. It is awful- especially with cell phone towers popping up everywhere. I think it is quite challenging to find places to live away from excessive emf's these days and it troubles me too.
Thanks- great!
I bought a new sofa for the first time in over ten years. Turns out the cushions are loaded with chemicals. It was quite pricey and the store finally agreed I can send them back and if I can locate non chemical foam they will remake new cushions for me. I had found a place online that sells it but now cannot find it. Does anyone know of a place to get it? thank you
We have an only child- so me, dh and our almost 4 year old- and we are completely child centric! And I also had all sorts of ideas about how I would parent before I actually had a kid- I thought I would just fold the child into the already established life I had-- when instead, when I actually became a mom everything in my life changed! I sold my house I had been iving in for a long time to move closer to family and closer to a good school for my son.  Dh and I spend much...
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