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Hi There! No need to apologize for sharing your story, that is what this forum is for!   some things that jump out at me from your story:   Started with, it sounds like your home life from your parents was not so supportive. From the little you said about it, it sounds like they did not act very supportive to you and they did not provide the kind of home environment you wish you could have had.   So I think you had to have carried that out with you, in your ideas...
I am in the same boat. I finally splurged for what I thought would be a really nice sofa. Turns out it is so chemical smelling I cant even use, it NOw I am sending the cushions back to the manufacturer to ask for new non chemical cushions- we sent one back-- but I may be better off making my own, ugh at this point I justy want to return the thing if I can.
a website with lot of photos is houzz.com also gardenweb.com has a cool housing forum for discussion
what about cell towers? They seem so toxic to me and the companies are dumping them all up and putting out cell tower waves all over-- no matter what we do to try to be okay it is a new form of toxins coming at us. I hate them. Cell towers are so rude- with people arguing in their defense that there is no proof that they are bad, and so all of us have to live with them all over the place- such a sad turn of events for the world, imo. When plug in phones work perfectly fine...
I do the best I can to keep us healthy. The most frustrating thing for me now is Cell towers--- ugh--- they are putting them in towns near where people live-- and they are just so awful and make me feel so sick. I hate that people allow them in towns so close to people. :(
Yes, trust your feelings and keep him with you to sleep! My son is almost 4 and he still sleeps in our room- in a bed next to me and dh's bed- and I am not at all ready to move him to his own room. Yours is still a baby- keep him with you, it is better for him and you!
I am returning both of them~ sorry to say. The plug in thing- it was hard for me to understand how it works. We plugged it in and went away for a week and when we came back we got shocked a lot- we unplugged it right away and haven't plugged it in again and will return it. It just felt weird to me to try to manipulate the electricity in my home in a way that I didn't understand. And the pendant is pretty but was so  expensive and really seems like just a regular necklace.
hugsto you. I only have a second so may be brief-- Life is hard! Especially these days with cell phone towers and things buzzing around all the time- things are so chaotic it is hard for most people to find that sense of calm. I myelf feel more and more frazzled as the years go by too. There are things o be afraid of and worry about that we never had to worry about years ago. I would say just work on as few things as you can and try most of all for the inner work. I speak...
so I got my earthcalm plug in thing and the earthcalm personal pendant thing today. they oth have a 90 day money back guarantee which I may end up using. The pendant looks like just a little crystal necklace but cost over 300 dollars! When I bought it I wa feeling super freaked out about emf's so really wanted to try everything . . . but it literally feels like a 20 dollar necklace for 340 dollar! however, I do feel slightly calmer but I have no idea if that is only in my...
OP here. I did not state my position but to state it now I was looking for support around non vaxing.
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