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Which part of it specifically is hard for you, there are a few aspects. Is it hard in regards to your husband and feeling guilty? Or is it hard in regards to your feelings about the crush guy and if so why? You mentioned that you feel unworthy of him having a crush on you. Is it that feeling that is hard for you?    I just reread the OP and guess I didn't realize originally that he is married too.
I like the haba dolls
I guess. I mean, I would feel sad if my dh had a crush on someone else and I would feel weird if I had a crush on someone other than my dh-- so maybe I don't stand by my own advice the more I think about it. The thing is, I have no idea what OP's relationship is with her dh. Bu yeah, marriage is sacred and I do personally like monogamy. hmmm I am reconsidering my previous post-! I guess I just was thinking if it was a minor thing and didno one any harm then maybe it is not...
How about just enjoying it? It may pass on its own, so why not just enjoy the spark -- you can't help it if you are attracted to someone and maybe he is to you- and it could be something fun that makes you feel good!! Just figure out what your boundaries are and don't go past them--- it is not bad if it makes you happy.  As long as you are not actually kissing or being intimate with him, a little harmless flirting is not a bad thing. You don't need anyone else to know...
I know! Now he is 100% potty trained and the cloth dipes are sitting in the closet ready to be passed on! He doesn't even wear them to bed anymore. And it is funny cause now Iread threads with 2.5 yr olds or young 3 yr olds still potty learning and I think, just relax it will happen in its own time--- just cause I remember being like- omg he is three- and he still asks for a diaper to poop-- but now at 3 and a 1/2 he is fully potty trained-- and dh and I just decided to b...
we have one child, a 3 and a 1/2 yr old. He sleeps in a bed right next to our bed and has done so since he was born. We love having him sleep in our room. We are moving to a new house soon where ds will have his own room- but we really see it as more of a place for his stuff and to play in, and will put his bed in our room as we do now. The only thing is, at some point I think we will move him into his own room- though I cannot imagine what age that will be now, it seems...
oh! I am not sure how to link it so I will just delete it. Sorry, I didn't know about that rule- I just copied and pasted it from his website.
Last time I had my oil changed they told me a mice had been eating the air filter or something. They suggested putting peppermint oil on the outside of the engine- like not in the engine but near the hood or something- I guess that keeps them away- get a bottle of peppermint oil (like essential oil) and put it around the outer parts of the car I think. I didn't do it yet.
oh good- thanks! I really do like the new set up, btw.
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