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my child's school is 7 to 8 minutes drive from our house
Our child will be starting school for the first time.   It got me wondering what people's distances are from their house to their school? How long does it take you to get from your house to your child's school?
It is so funny how what we are feeling in a moment can change our perspective so much! I was all upset about that haircut like 5 days ago o so cause I was just in a really bad mood. just feeling really off that day. So though I was venting about the haircut I think I was just blowing off steam from feeling bad somehow! Now a few days later I think my ds looks totally adorable- I have gotten used to it and it has mellowed - so funny how perspective changes!
thanks!! I was just in a super grumpy sort  of depressed mood so I was taking it really hard-! I am feeling better- thanks for letting me vent! sometimes people irl have no patience for these petty things so no one was validating it for me-! I am already getting more used to it and it will grwo back
Insignificant pointless first world problems whine- had to vent-!   Took my 3.5 yr old for a haircut yesterday, He had beautiful but too long hair. Stepped out while he was getting it (his dad was with him) and the barber cut it way too short! wah. and also that kind of cut where it almost looks like a mohawk on the top-- kind of sporty and not at all what I had wanted!! We had used this barber before and he had done a good job,.   And- my 3.5 yr old ds starts...
http://www.inciweb.org/0/ I saw this chart on there- are there really this many wildfires happening right this minute? I had heard about Yosemite but are all these acres in all these places right now active fires? wow. scary.
3 and a 1/2 year old napping every day- napping right now! His nap is my saving grace. I worked very hard right from birth on creating good sleeping habits and a pretty steady schedule- one of my best moves as a parent I think as it is a pretty good settled routine. I will hold on to that nap as long as I can!! As a result he doesn't go to bed super early but it feels worth it to me.
another success! hooray I think he is finally getting it .
I think the best answer is to try to find peace in the moment. Right now. Maybe you are impatient because you believe the thing you want will give you a sense of happiness/ satisfaction/ whatever it is you seek. So the best thing to do is to try to practice being as present as possible- like in the moment. And try to make yourself feel inner peace right now even though you don't have the thing you want yet! I read lots of inspirational authors to help remind me of this....
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