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for some reason my computer wouldn't let me finish my post at the bottom of the last one so I will add it here! What do your babies climb on in your house?
They change so quickly at this age, don't they? All of a sudden in the last week or tow, ds is all about climbing on everything! for a while crawling was the big thing but now he wants to climb and pull himself up. We actually are living in an apt with no staircase or I am sure he owuld be climbng the stairs. I finally pulled a cushion off of a chair today and he climbed onto it and then the chair. I want to get him something good to climb on inside but I am not sure...
 can you put them in public school for a yr or two so you can get some time away from the older ones? I am sure you' have thought of that and have your reasons why you don't do that- what are those? are the schools bad where you are? can you put them in schoolfor a yr o r two and then resume unschooling when the baby is older?
so where would the baby sit?would we buy a seat for him? And when I ask about the car seat I mean do we bring a car seat for him to sit in ON the plane? How does that all work?
anyone want to talk about being pretty sure that you want to stick with only having one child, but then these huge waves of desire for another creeping up on you? I would like to see if others are going through this! I love the idea of keeping 11 month old ds as an only for many reasons. Some of them are: I like peace and quiet as much as possible (lol!), I like the idea of having time and space in my life for a bunch of other things, I like the ease of life it could...
actually--- the more I think about it the more it seems like more trouble than it is worth! I may just put the whole thing off a few yrs till he is old enough to understand what is going on and actually enjoy it--
added- also my dh will be with me- and also my mom ( and maybe my dad too) will be with us to help out
I have a situation in which I have an option to take a trip basically from one end of the country to another. It is not something that I have to do, but there is someone I want to see out there quite a lot. Thus, I can put it off for as long as I want to. DS is 11 months. Flying with him is the only reason I am putting off this trip. I don't want ot put him through it! We have done many train rides with him to see family, but he was able to sleep on 2 seats on the train....
thx for the replies. We actually did this weird thing I read about- a little bit of vicks vapo rub on the soles of the feet and then cover with socks. I tried it on myself first and it was pretty subtle. I don't know if it worked but baby and I seem to be a little more on the mend today. He only coughed a few times today- yesterday was our peak. So here's hoping we are getting over it! I still feel yucky but much better than yesterday too.
I don't have any advice :( sorry you guys are going through this! Just wanted to agree that something tenacious sure is going aorund- and ds and I have it:( I don't usually catch those flues too often but whatever I got is big and sticking around- and ds has a chest cold and nasty cough- it sucks
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