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thanks!  i've joined inwoodkids, and will check the other one out pronto. 
We just moved to Washington Heights a few weeks ago, and we're itching to get to know some other families in the neighborhood. anybody? My partner and I have three girls, (9 yo twins and a 7 yo). I get the feeling that there is a nice active parenting community here, but haven't found an in yet! thanks. :-)
i will absolutely be there. looking forward to it!
thanks, i'll look into that. NCM seems to have a bachelor's for practicing midwives that may or may not meet NJ's requirement. off to NMI's website...
i considered putting this is "finding your tribe", but concluded that it pertains more to birth professionals than NJ in general. in reading over what MANA has on their site, it seems that a CPM is only recognized/able to obtain licensure if she has graduated from a MEAC-accredited school. is this correct? if so, what is a PEP-track CPM to do in order to be able to obtain licensure in NJ? repeating my full education, MEAC-style, is just not on my list of things i...
i'm doing a bit of research for a friend, and was looking for information on whether there are any organizations that offer doula services to young mothers in NYC. anybody know of any programs like this, or have any ideas for whom to contact about getting involved (as a doula) in this kind of work in the city? TIA!
will google, but do you have a link for the daphne singingtree protocols? i'd love to work from a template. thanks for all the replies...not sure if i'm reassured or terrified.
right...about the white out. i recopied almost all of the 112 forms because there were a few crossed-out and corrected things on each page (no actual white out, though). my preceptors have no problem re-initialling the new forms, but i'm wondering if the uniform, obviously-all-done-at-once list of births, prenatals, postpartums, etc. will flag my application for audit. the dates and client codes are all correct, so maybe i just shouldn't worry. i'd really just like...
thanks. i've been pretty meticulous thus far, and plan to continue the process that way. its just that paperwork makes me nervous.
i'm nearing completion of the PEP process, and am wondering about audits. do they actually request copies of charts? how frequently? all my ducks are in a row, but the idea of an audit that may find i have forgotten to cross a "t" gives me an ulcer! should i be concerned? tia! amy
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