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Hi everyone!  This was a BIG suprise for us!  EDD of 12/25 with our 6th pregnancy.  This will be our 3rd December baby (I also m/c in Dec 07).  My children will be 10, 7, 5, and 3 when this baby is born.  We are planning our second homebirth with the most awesome midwife! 
Hi! I am really into the rockabilly look and the old rockabilly/new psychobilly music. (My favorite being Elvis!) I love the whole look, and love to wear vintage 30s, 40s, and 50s dresses, halter tops, capris, ect. I love doing my hair with the victory rolls and curled bangs. I always get compliments on my look, because I dont notice too many other mamas dressing like me. Anyone else into the rockabilly lifestyle? One more thing....I love the old movies from the...
I do have to add, that I am more happier living in our little world here. Than trying to keep up with the neighbors. I just keep a smile on my face and let them know that I am happy, no matter how much money we have.
Hi! This kinda sounds like us. We dont live in a "rich area" but we have one of the smallest houses in the area (just a ranch with a basement-everyone else has 2 or 3 story homes). We dont have any of the toys everyone else does-pools, boats, atv's, big screen tvs, ect. And my children are the only children in the neighborhood without a cell phone, and some kids in the neighborhood have ipods and iphones. And my kids are also the only kids that dont have tvs in their...
That must have been scary! I am glad it is just a stomach bug, even though that is no fun either. Hope he feels better soon and it doesnt go through your whole family.
DD was at her friends house yesterday, when she called to see if she ould go to the beach with her friends and their parents. It was very hot out, and she came home with a sun burn. It has been years since I have been burned, and this is the 1st lo to get burnt from the sun. She is very uncomfortable. What can I put on her skin to help it heal and ease the pain? Thanks!
How is your little guy today? I hope he is feeling better.
Oh that must have been scary! I always worry that my 1 yo ds will fall down our stairs. We have a gate, but sometimes dh leaves it open, or now ds likes to try to pull up on it. None of my children have fallen down stairs, but we have had our share of head injuries. Just last week ds was trying to build a tree house in a tree with his friend, when a board fell out of the tree and landed on ds head. I was very worried, but was told to watch him over the night. He...
Also, is there anything else I can do at home to treat this. Thanks again!
All 4 dc are sick right now. Last week ds (1) was dx with the croup. He is getting better, just sounds congested sometimes and has a wet cough every once in awhile. DD (8) was the next to get it. They both would cough so much that they spent alot of time in the shower to relieve the coughing. SHe also had an ear ache, and I used breastmilk for one day in it, and it cleared up. She still has a very wet cough, not all the time, but still quite often. Ds (6) and...
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