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I am ebfing, and my lo is almost 7 months old. He is completely refusing any and all solids. I mean gags and squishes his face up....it's not happening lol. Tonight I gave him a carrot stick off my plate and he immediately put in in his mouth and shivered and gagged and was so over it lol. When should I be worried? I know some moms EBF for longer than a year but I would think his reaction should change at some point right?
My son is 18 days old, and today I noticed a blister on the very right tip of his penis! What in the wold is it from? It just appeared!
I had my placenta encapsulated, and ever since I have started taking them I have had the WORST headache and can not sleep! I got about 4 hour of sleep Sunday night, 2 hours Monday night and could not fall asleep lastnight. Could it be my placenta pills?
Any tips on what to pack? I have clothes for me and DH and baby, nursing top for me, swim trunks for DH, diapers, wipes, pads, and snacks......what am I missing?
Mamas, I don't know if I just have seasonal allergies or a cold or what, but this has been going in now for 2 weeks. What can I take? Just LOTS of congestion.
Thanks, I think that's a big player here. Dd just underwent another surgery for another cancerous tumor, we just got home Saturday and today we had to spend all day at the hospital setting up her second radiation treatment. Ugh! And tomorrow we start our trial run and cr scan, so that's not going to help me much :/ my midwife wants me on bedrest but I have to be there for that stuff! They have to put her under anesthesia and I'm just not ok with not being there. If i can...
It started a few weeks ago, but its just getting worse my midwife has me on bedrest and now I'm have to take magnesium every 30 mins for the next 2 hours. Ugh! I'm freaking out! What happens if it doesn't go down? I do NOT want to be induced again and ill have to be transferred out of the birth center to a hospital boo!!!!
 We are having an serious issue with boundaries and my daughter. She has gone from being a perfect angel in school to seriously being a distraction, constantly being "silly" and touching kids to tickle or just crossing boundaries, to now spitting and putting her hands on other kids when she is getting angry.    Obviously none of this behavior is appropriate, and its corrected at home as soon as it happens. But she just seems to not know when to stop anymore. She gets...
Where in Texas and I might have some resources for you.
Where in Texas and I might have some resources for you.
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