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We plan on having my dd with us while I'm at the birth center giving birth to her baby brother. But I'm so worried about her being a distraction for my DH and possibly me, or her not wanting to be there and gettin uncomfortable. I do NoT want anyone else there. My mother absolutely drives me crazy, and my MIL is crazy. fun times Anyways what did you do? Or any ideas on what I could do? Thanks!!!
Ate you getting the positive imediatly? Or after 5 mins or So? I don't see how it would be possible, even if you started ovulating August 22nd, you would still be too early to get a possitive test I would think. But anything is possible I guess. Depo really messed with my body, give me headaches, and bloating and nausia, so it may just be our bodys reaction to not getting the shot in time. Also, I think when I first got it, I was told to use back up protection for the...
I have learned to never take anything for granted. How to live life moment by moment. How to smile through tears. That statistics mean nothing. That people can and will always surprise you.
Aw!!!! So cute!!!!
Nope, no bottles, pacies, sippy cups, thumb sucking or nursing since he has been weaned. I would explain that your milk is for the baby, and since he is a big boy he does not need your milk anymore......unless there is a medical reason why he would.
Also for the record, I'm not saying that this kiddo was being deviant or perverted BUT on the slight chance that he was a teacher needs to be made aware of the situation and the act so that they can take precautions, like leaving them alone, or if they have noticed something that they can follow up with it and make sure that this little boy is not being taught this behavior by an adult and actually a victim.
I would call your dr and get in for a test with them asap.   Good luck!  
      There are biological drives and hormones, Just because a child is cognitivley a 4 year old does not mean that his biological drive isnt that of a pubescent male. That would be like saying that mentally delayed teens never hav sex? I can tell you that they do.   Are you saying that a human has no sexual feelings or pleasure until they reach puberty?
I agree with the pp, 8 or 9 is WAY too old to be acting like this. Keep in mind that kids loose their virginity at sometimes 12.......totally not appropriate. Delayed or not.
or vice versa, the dark line could be the pregnancy line and its much darker because of the amount of hcg in your system lol
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