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its lighter because the concentration of your HCG is a little less concentrated. Did you go to the bathroom a bit earlier or early to take the test?   The dark line is the control, it doesnt need the HCG to turn pink, just fluid......the other line MUST have the pregnancy hormone present to change, no matter how faint. If you where not producing that hormone you would not see a second line.     Congrats!!!
Your pregnant!   The only way it may not be true is if the line didnt appear until after 20 mins after.   How long did it take for the line to come up?  
I just buy cheap Hanes panties (the kind in the 8 pack in the bag) for pregnancy and to use post partum. That way I don't have to ruin any of my good ones. I'm normally a small size, and I bought large size for extra comfort. Lol! DH laughs everytime he sees them in the laundry. He kindly refers to them as my granny panties, and is shocked that they fit!!! Ah, the joys of pregnancy!!!
We switched from an OB to a midwife and had our first appt today with her. It went well, but when they measured me my belly is measuring 25 weeks. My uterus is WAY up past my belly button....my period was wonky in April, no cramps, and like a week early, and no bloat or pms, and I gained almost 5 pounds in April......they are going to look at my records and my sonograms, and may be changing my due date to december!!!! Oh goodness that's close!!! DH is freaked out! He's...
It's a BOY!!!!! Yay!!!
Our name list:    Girl:   (needs to have allie or a form in it for my grandmother)   Alice Corrine or Corrine Alice not sure which i like better   DH loves Phoebe Alice   Boys:   Benjamin Patrick   or   Elliot Patrick
UGH!!!!!! 3 more days for me!!!! Everyone i know that is pregnant is due after me and they all know the sex of their baby! Im sooooooooooooooo frustrated!     Congrats to you all!!!!!
I hope all of the people finding out they are having girls doesn't spoil our chances!!! 1 more week!!!
I hope all of the people finding out they are having girls doesn't spoil our chances!!! 1 more week!!!
If he is reacting to everything even your breatsmilk I would start to wonder if something else is going on. Is he currently taking meds for his reflux? DD was on neocate, it was horrible, and never really fixed any of her GI issues. But it was better than nothing I guess. I know how it feals to have run out of options, but there are still some. If you can you need to see a lactation consultant and speak with them about how to get your production supersized, possibly...
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