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Oh gosh, where are you, id be willing to drive just about anywhere for a Dr like that! Im so glad you found someone to listen to you! Sounds awesome! And thanks for sharing!
IMO anything that comes premade in a box or can isnt healthy for the most part, usually tons of preservatives and sodium.....with some exceptions of course. If you maybe grill chicken breast (or even baked) with brown rice pasta, and a homemade mushroom gravy, with greek salad with spring greens w/ spinach. I say do as i say not as i do LOL! I wish i could follow my own advice!
She is 2....and no vaxes recently.....no food coloring at all. Well we havnt had any blood in her diaeprs in over 2 months and that is a HUGE deal! And the constipation seems to be alot better.....but she is getting constat upper respritory infections, and stomach bugs....
Well i tried probiotics and did some bone broth soups, but im lost. I feel like everything im doing is makin it worse. I stopped the probiotics becasue i got them at WF and im not 100% that they are ok. And I started to think that they where correlating with her bad nights. But now i just dont know.....
WuWei: i was reading up on Amino Acids, and got to histidine.......wondering how in the world i can try to get more into her system? When dd had her allergy testing done, the Dr said that she didnt even have enough allergy cells in her system to cause a reaction. Im wondering if he could have been talking about histidine.....?? She has serious gut issues, and she has vascular issues as well as very very very over stimulated. To the point of exhaustion without an ability...
Well its another bad night! Something is going on, she has started regressing this week, she has hours where she talk jibberish, and she has seemed to forget her letters. And its another night of not sleeping. I put ther to bed at 9:30, and she is still awake humming in her bed. I dont know where to turn........or what to do to help her. We have tried the magnesium supplements, they didnt work, anyone try melatonin with a toddler?
All babies are diffrent..... My dd was almost 2 before she sttn, and she was formula fed from 5 months on (medical reasons)
beans? I LOVE hummus, and crackers!
Poor baby! Any antibiotics lately?
what about SAM-E? My Dr said that it helps give the brain the extra amino acids do make dopamine. Maybe that might help? Could you get your amino acid levels checked? Nothing more to offer. You are all way above my mental abilities and understanding with all of this! you women amaze me!
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