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The author of SOTW is currently working on writing the text for 9-12 grade. I believe it's called "The History of the World." I do know some people will use SOTW books again for 5-8 grade while supplementing with other books and resources.
Quote: Originally Posted by Leta I found the treatment of cultures outside the western tradition to be extremely shallow- to the point of insulting the reader (yes, I know the intended audience is very young). I would have probably liked these books a lot better if they had just left out non-western cultures altogether, and taken a title like "The Story of Western Civilization", leaving the histories of the Far East, Africa, and the native civilzations...
I'd like to start looking now for non-plastic dishes and utensils for my little one for when he starts eating solids. Any favorites and where to buy?
I just found what I was looking for. Albacore has higher mercury levels than Chunk.
Which tuna (in the can) is best for you? Solid white albacore, chunk light?
This is my first time doing a pilates dvd. I'm confused about how they say to not let the abdominals pop out while doing an exercise. Are you supposed to suck in your stomach while doing stuff? Cause that's hard.
My boys keep getting fevers. It started three weeks ago. Long story short....ds2 has had 4 fevers in the past 3 weeks. ds1 has had 3 fevers in the same time frame. The baby is on fever number 2 since this past Fri. I'm so done with this all. Both the older boys have complained of earache. I'm sure they proably have ear/sinus infections. What can I give them to finally get rid of this? Do I just take them to the Dr. at this point? Oh yeah, cough and stuffy nose...
Cari, I hope you find the perfect house. Clay, big congrats to your dd. Bella, I just saw that you are due around the same time Miles was born. We're still sick here. Miles seems to be feeling better, but my head is killing me. Nothing like sinus pressure.
When you're done with the room post pics! I love seeing pics of school rooms.
Lioness, I feel your pain. My boys have been sick for 2 weeks now. My oldest has ear infections in both ears. Today, I'm stuffy. I hope I'm not getting the same thing.
New Posts  All Forums: