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I got a glider because I thought I needed a glider or rocker for a baby. It was so hard trying to nurse dd in it when she was first born. The MW even commented that it was too narrow. I usually nursed her on the couch or bed. She fell asleep while being rocked in the chair about ten times max. It was much easier to get her to sleep by wearing her in a wrap and walking around. So, for us it wasn't a good purchase, but it appears we are in the minority.
I think Target has them in size 4. That might work with thick socks.
DD is 16 months and she has had both maple syrup and honey. We don't eat them often, but I'm not afraid to give them to her. I've never heard to delay the syrup either.
What a great show! I'm so glad it got picked up for a full season. DH doesn't like it as much now that Chuck is so suave. He liked geeky Chuck better. I am waiting for another performance from Jeffster!
DD was about that size. We liked Kissaluv fitteds in size 0. We also had the smallest size of Motherease fitteds. We used Thirsties covers in the smallest size. They worked fine for us.
I have no experience with this kit, but thought I'd pass it along in case anyone is interested. It is the Bottoms Up kit. This special price is for today only. http://babysteals.com/
I was worried about DD's wbv, too. I put it off until she was 14 months, but really I worried for nothing. She was 17.5 pounds and 29 inches tall. (She was 6 pounds and 7 oz at birth.). The dr wasn't concerned because DD is ahead in her milestones. She is a little climber, too. Actually, it is good to read about these other small, healthy babies!
Thanks for responding. I also can't believe that they issue these blanket statements and act like it is safe for all, but I guess I really shouldn't be surprised anymore.
I thought that I had read on here that vaxes in the mom didn't confer immunity to the baby but that having had the illness did. This article about pregnant women getting the flu shot says otherwise. Can someone clarify this for me? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/39181573...lth-pregnancy/
Anyone planning a trip to WDW next year now that so many discounts have been released? I would love to take DD on her first trip, but I'm not sure we'll be able to. There are some great discounts for anyone planning a trip!
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