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I would say that nutrition must play a role in the health of the skin, but topical probably doesn't do much. I've heard EFA's, zinc and vitamin E are really important for elasticity.
Is it likely to be the same for your second pregnancy? I still have a bit of loose skin but on my stomach, but I hardly have any noticeable stretchmarks. A few mostly invisible ones though.
I really am not overweight but I would like to tone up my hips as quickly as possible. I don't have access to equipment so if someone had links or a good explanation of some exercises that would be great. I would really like to get rid of the bit of fat that is there and have it closer to the bone, is it even possible to tone up that area?
I am really curious and have to ask. I took ballet as a child but as an adult no, if you aren't wearing undies... wouldn't your pubic hair show or at least puff up the leotard?
what about Le crueset? I already have some PC stoneware, so i feel much better since I bake with it all the time, phew!
Is this stuff safe, and lead free? Is there a difference between the classic and the glazed? Thanks.
I've seen a lot of chicken stock recipes that have vinegar omitted. It would be nice since I react to vinegar. Is there a way to make chicken broth/stock without it and still have it be equally nutritive? Thanks.
I honestly could not find the link on that website. So, if my parents want to have her in preschool temporarily, they should be provided the papers upon request? If they are given the papers do they need to send them to me to sign, since I am in Washington?
So I'm currently up in Washington, living here... and my daughter will be staying with my parents in California for a couple months because she hasn't seen them in a very long time. My mother was interested in enrolling her a preschool but she isn't vaxed. What would I have to sign in order for her to be able to go? We are in two different states, currently.
I basically married my best friend. It was the result of becoming pregnant by accident, and being bullied by his religious fam, and of course out of duty to my child (wanting her to have a stable home and whatnot). However having known him for many years beforehand, he knew I was not the monogamous type, nor heterosexual. His upbringing was fairly strict and religious ( I won't get into which one ). At any rate, knowing my rather promiscuous(at the time) and...
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