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I had criminal background checks but no lie detector.
please talk to her about feeding her baby. about normal amounts for babies to eat and need, that babies eat intuitively--she does not need to worry about her baby's weight. eating disorder mothers can feel very conflicted about their babies gaining weight. also, if she plans on breastfeeding, what nutrients her baby needs. and refer her to an eating disorder therapist if she doesnt have one. its vital. and enlist any family members that are willing to be involved. she is...
generally, i don't. i find it too infuriating. I have done it before (but not in a long while, not here much) but with no support here, it feels sisyphean. generally, i just call you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Selu No. Yes. Yes to heirlooms and anything mined responsibly. exactly
Quote: Originally Posted by binxsmom i do like the passats. and vws are great cars. our goal is to convert and run off of grease. we want to reduce our use of fossil fuels so the points about gas mileage are somewhat mute in this case. if i were not gonna convert, i would keep my current car. we drive a regular passat tdi right now (on biodiesel,) and adore it. once it is paid off, i will be getting a passat wagon tdi.
fyi, vw passat wagons come in tdi (diesel) so they can be run on biodiesel with no intervention, or veggie oil with conversion.
CPS is generally run county by county in bigger states, and by the state government in less populous states. Different counties have different procedures for using law enforcement.
Quote: Originally Posted by sjkmaurice I think what's getting completely misconstrued is the fact that negativity isn't pointed towards women who do fight for breastfeeding and for some reason or other it truly wasn't meant to be but rather mothers who make excuses for their selfish reasons why they don't breastfeed or didn't continue for as long as necessary for their child. But why is it pointed towards mothers at all? Why isnt it pointed...
Today is 9 dpo and i already tested once maybe again tomorrow.
yeah, me either. right. (seriously lurking is happening nonstop. but i'm not stressing/obsessing about it. really).
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