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opps sorry.... for example, parents push potty trainin g, sleeping in their own bed, and eating foods too soon. I had a coworker tell me today that Seseme Place is too childish for her 33 month old??????? OMG crazy!
I agree, I think the trend is to push toddlers to soon... potty training re
and the book is sooooooo much better than the movie!
So Sorry I am so happy that my son( half Egyptian, half MUTT (8 European countries) is surrounded by children and adults from a wide range of cultures from around the world. Actually,we just came home from a Guyanese party! I believe that people who don't experience cultures outside of their own, are really holding themselves back. I guess it also depends on where you live. I am in Northern New Jersey, and there are TONS of different cultures here! I love it!
I can't imagine what you are feeling.... You are in my prayers
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyrunningmama Oh, that is sad! I think it's so wacky how people will say "it only took 3 nights"! That would be an eternity to me to sit in another room and listen to the child of my heart sob! We are in the process of night weaning, and I would NEVER let her be alone and scared. In fact, I think some of our sleep issues are worse because I would always rush in and now I realize some of her noises are in her sleep and I...
I have been a silent reader on these boards for a few months now. I am a bit more active on the LLL forum... However, this thread, Jessica's legacy, the love and support expressed on this thread had been not only inspirational but overwelming. To Mighty Mama's husband.. I can't stop thinking about your situation, Jessica and your children all weekend. I am sure that she is watching and protecting your family now. I live in Morris County and if there is anything I can do,...
I am so sorry for your loss......
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