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no thoughts. Have you tried maca or anything to help regulate your hormones? I guess it really couldn't hurt :( since dh was to tired to dtd last night and just got some horrid news from work. I have to pull the plug. this was our last month to try snip is scheduled. chilee out.
and he just got really devistating news at work today so..bah. so much for a last hurrah. just calling it quits right now.
I am popping back in. Af is a day late so far. I miss a lot of people that used to be on this board If i am pg it will be my third on this board! I had my first in this group a few weeks before turning fourty. I was the baby of the group Now i will be 45 before i have another babe. Wow. Might poas tomorrow if i can get to dollar tree.
if we don't get pg in the next couple of cycles i think we will move on. i like that my baby is almost 2 and looking after himself...lol. no more diapers as of now
I think you should go back to the old thread and add a few more babies born...it doesnt happen often enough for us and I was always happy to celebrate them and very encouraged looking at the list grow :)
I miss litmama
that would be nice! most of us keep in touch, but there are a few we would love to hear from <3
shout out to anyone still on mothering...I never get much time
Hello again all...glad there is a new thread!    I see a lot of new names and quite a few gone.   I am open to the possibility of a 4th baby and I will be 44 if it happens (will be my 3rd on the over 40 ttc board).   much love and luck to all   eta: still nursing 19month old and off and on my almost 4 year old   tww now
WOOT Halifax <3
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