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I'm interested to hear about what the wait times in her office were for prenatal visits. Thanks for sharing your experience! Feel free to send me a private message.
Yeah, she shares a room with her 1 year old little sister who's still in a crib. The big sister was THRILLED when the baby moved out of our bed and into her room. But I think the baby isn't old enough to be much comfort yet. Although it does mean that I'm in their room to nurse at least a couple times most nights. That's what ended up helping her fall asleep most recently: the little one woke up so I sat in their room and nursed while the big one fell back to sleep.
Thanks, Meepycat. I agree about how it helps to get your brain doing some other stuff before going back to sleep. I try to do that with DD, too, but I like some of your ideas and I think I'll add in even more of them. The reality is that sleeping in our room at 4 a.m. (the time she had her most recent nightmare±) isn't a big deal -- we're not working then. What I want to avoid is having her fall back into a pattern of wanting to be in our room all the time, since we just...
I guess the reasons I asked the question and feel conflicted are: - As a child, I had a LOT of nightmares and I never slept in my parent's bedroom -- it just wasn't on the negotiating table. I don't think I thought of it as an option. So my personal experience was simply that that wasn't how nightmares were handled -- my parents were kind and loving and helped me, but sleeping in their room wasn't one of the "solutions" offered. - About 6 months ago DD was feeling...
DD is 5 and has been waking up crying from nightmares recently. Afterwards, she begs to sleep on the floor of our room. I haven't been letting her so far, but I'm not feeling sure I'm making the right parenting decision on this. Not only do I feel terrible leaving her in her room feeling sad and scared, she often calls me back multiple times because she's having trouble falling back to sleep, frightened the nightmare will return. If I let her sleep in our room she'd...
Thank you, Curious! Hearing your experience is extremely helpful. While our experiences our different, it helps to hear from someone who is feeling similar things and sorting through similar issues. Thank you!
No, I don't think I'm conflicted about how to raise our children -- they have one parent whose family is Jewish, and one parent whose Christian, so we are sharing both faith traditions with them. Our 5 year old attends a Unitarian Universalist church (as my partner was raised UU) that honors all faiths and teaches the stories and wisdom of many. Our household isn't confused, simply complex. In my experience, children often do quite well with complexity -- our older...
Just checked out Smilebook -- they have neat stuff, but same problem -- among their zillions of layouts I don't see a single one with one large and one small photo, and no way to change the size/shape of a photo box. This is hard!
Hmm, that's a good idea -- that hadn't occurred to me. You mean like in Photoshop or Illustrator or something? Or are you aware of a way to do it right in iPhoto?
Thanks for the tip! I do have iPhoto so I just played around with the Apple calendars a bit. They do look nice but I don't see any option for a large and small photo on the same page -- you can have two photos on a page, but still not what I'm looking for. Actually, Snapfish allows for quite a bit more customization. Any other suggestions?
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