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Random thoughts:   --I work part-time (2-3 days/week) and have gotten judgment from both sides. Some of the "I can't believe you can leave your kids all day!" variety and some of the "wow, I can't believe you took such a big step back in your career!" variety. I am really happy with my work and family life and our kids are thriving. Because of that these comments don't particularly bother me. I think they tend to communicate more about the person saying them than they do...
So when your kids go to school is it their teachers that are then raising them?
I have two girls, Lucy (almost 4) and Ella (almost 6 months). After Lu I went back three days/week when she was six months old and did that for a year before essentially moving back full time. I returned back this time after 4.5 months in a part-time (3 days/week) capacity. For me, part time is really the ideal. I definitely enjoy my career and would not want to SAH fulltime, but I really do value those extra two daywith s with the girls (and the ability to take care of...
**waves to group** I read here because I work part-time and I feel like I share issues, joys and challenges with both working moms and moms who stay with their kiddos. I understand not wanting to turn every vent or fun thread into a debate and appreciate how trying it must be to be delicate with word/phrase choices so as not to offend. I would say, though, that working moms can often a different perspective here that may be helpful in the right threads. For example, the...
38 weeks is still early--baby can definitely benefit from some extra cooking time. I'm 39 weeks so I get how it feels at the end, but try and trust that baby knows best :-)
My concern would be GD. I would probably want to rule that out.
Personally, I feel like light drinking after the first trimester (say, no more than a glass of wine/week) is very unlikely to cause any issues. Unfortunately, wine and beer just do not appeal to me while pregnant so I haven't been drinking anything. I was looking forward to a small glass of wine on turkey day but the first sip totally turned me off. 
Congrats!   From 5-ish months on, DD slept MUCH better in her crib. I know co-sleeping works fabulously for some families, but every baby is different and I am glad you found what worked for you!
17 weeks with my first. It was all day sickness until then even on Zofran.
I quit pumping at a year (she drank cow's milk during work days) and nursed until 18 months. Both transitions went very smoothly for us.  
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