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I'm also in Union County and looking for a change. Any opinions on Chester/surrounding areas? Also...hi!
Thanks, marziechar. We could definitely try this. In the past, bedtime DH has gone really horribly--as in, he ends up driving DD to get her to fall asleep w/o crying. She is only willing to go to sleep with him when I've tried for a long time and have given up. But we could try again.
Thanks. We've tried being casual and just getting on with it, and it worked when she was younger. The problem is that now, if she starts throwing a fit, we sometimes *have* to give in--like when she won't use the bathroom with DH--and then I feel like we're training her to throw fits to get what she wants. But if I do everything she wants from the beginning, to ensure that that won't happen, then DD is happy at DH and my expense. I'm not sure how to find the middle...
DD, 2.75, is in a serious Mommy stage. And, as the title says, we're struggling to know how much/often to give in to her demands. Is it over faster if I just do everything for her? Right now DH continues to do some things for her even if she doesn't want him to, but the crying begins almost immediately.
My DD was done around 15mo. We were spending a summer in a place where we only had a double bed, so it was more squished than normal. She started asking for her crib at bedtime. She goes through stretches of coming in with us in the middle of the night, but otherwise she prefers her own space. (FTR, I was a little sad.)
I make DD's scarves very short, and sew the ends together so it goes over her head like a loose turtleneck would.
As a teacher, I sometimes sent a kid to the bathroom to say the offending word until he/she was tired of it. Some kids had to go back out a few times before they had gotten it out of their system. I'd try to start a really exciting activity (that they were about to miss) in the classroom, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by joensally If you can't swing montessori, don't sweat it. I remember feeling like every choice was monumental and that I wanted to give my children every opportunity. Your child enjoying the preschool is far more important than any particular pedagogy. If the play-based school is good (pleasant setting, kind and engaged teachers) then it will be a great early school experience. Thank you for this. I've learned...
Everyone seems to love the Montessori 3-5 room. I'm looking forward to my visit next Tuesday, but honestly it will only be viable for us if they can provide financial aid. I hate to limit DD's choices at age 3, but that's what it comes down to. I'll post again after I've visited a few places. I'm not saying a word a/b DD's abilities anymore. Anyway, she's an introvert and I could see the school wondering if I'm one of those nutty moms who makes things up. ...
Huh. Lots of things to consider here. If I am honest, I guess it's me who is bothered by the letter-of-the-day stuff. I really don't know how DD will respond to it. She is extremely shy with unfamiliar people and places, so I can't imagine she will be id'ed as gifted. I just don't want her to shut down completely, either b/c of boredom or frustration. DD works best with slightly older kids, and the 3-5 year old room in the Montessori school is why I'm going to...
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