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The book rocks. With all the nicey-nice bedtime stories, gentle suggestions and advice - which are great, really, to a certain point - it's just nice to see that I'm not the only person in the world who has clenched her teeth in frustration and bit back on those exact words (many times). The article didn't even make sense....       Maybe there'll be a sequel? - along the lines of "Stop bleepin whining!"  I would buy that too.
Really? WE say Ma'am aand Sir, and my kids still say Miss or Mr first name most of the time. They also hold doors, say pardon me instead of What? or Wha?, they shake hands and DS has started saying "after you" while letting someone in font of him. But we're just a bunch of low class, offensive, sexist weirdos.
I've only gotten a few rude comments, most of them were of the OMG, How can you stand it?? I could NEVER look after all those kids all day....OMG....don't they drive you crazy....type. Which is disrespectful and doesn't even deserve an answer. Asking me how I can stand being with my kids (and my dayhome kids) all day is like me asking them "OMG....how can you STAND that wierd shaped nose you have??Oh I'd NEVER be able to go out in public like that!! "  But I won't...
My house is LOUD!!! (and I Loooove it!!)  Especially during the week when there's me, two 17 y/o's an 8 y/o, two 7 y/o's, two 3 y/o's, two 2 y/o's and a wee 6 m/o babe. Oh and a dog and two noisy birds fighting to be heard over the racket. It's when it's quiet that I get scared, bad things happen when they all get quiet : )
Yes, and it also depends on the boat. If I'm in a canoe or kayak I'd wear a lifejacket, but when we're in our sportfish or sailboats most times I won't. But....these are also huge boats, not likely to just flip over for no reason, or sink instantly. If the weather's bad, or if it's night and we're on deck we wear them though.  And the kids don't set foot on the dock, much less the boat without one on.    
When they were younger I desperately wanted to, but the most 'away from the kids' time we'd get was when they'd go for a sleepover at my folks place.   Now that they're older and more independant of us I don't really yearn for those kid free days/night. DH and I get lots of alone time, privacy and we get sitters often so we can go out. It seems now we're taking weekends away to be WITH the kids!   But man oh man if you'd have asked this question three years ago...
Or, if the adult in charge of the child is say....steering the boat? Hoisting a sail? Occupied with other children? And the child wanders across the deck and leans over the side to see something he/she can be gone before you can bat your eye. There is a far, far greater chance of THAT happening than the boat flipping over. Actually, I've spent my entire life on boats and have yet to see one flip over,  but I've seen more than enough toddlers go overboard because they...
1 laptop 1 car stereo - they inserted about 20 bucks worth in change over the course of a year before we realized what was going on and pulled the thing out Several ski poles - don't ask 1 Bose stereo - no kids, it isn't waterproof The brand new carpeting in their tv/lounge room (only room in the house with carpet and they unraveled it....somehow??) The sacred circle in my brother's Hindu wedding ceremony - barefoot ONLY - my DS tromps through with his flip...
If it's nice there's some fantastic beaches as well - Clam Harbour Beach and Martinique Beach, outside of Dartmouth, not too far from Halifax.   Sandy Lake (Bedford) is a perfect beach for little kids, it's lifeguarded and shallow with no currents.   If you google recconnect hrm you should find links to all recreational activities and sites in hrm (Halifax Regional Mun.)   Oh and I second Ross Farm! It rocks, kids love it. 
  Actually, tying your child to the boat is an excellent idea. In fact they make safety harnesses that clip to the boat specifically for children (and adults). You clip them to a cental hard point in the boat to keep them from falling overboard unnoticed.  
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