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BOY!!! No doubt about it. Everything looks good. The little guy kept flipping all over the place and covering his face every time we tried to get a good look at him. Funny, he sure stayed still for us to get a look at the goods!!! Anyhow, I'm back at work, so I'll ask DH to scan the pics for me later and try my hand at posting them. Oh, the havoc that DS1 and the new one are going to unleash on my house!
I had a natural/unmedicated birth center birth with DS and pushed for all of 15 minutes. There were probably 3 or 4 contractions in that time period and I pushed 2-3 times with each contraction. I had the urge to push and that was that.
Nope. He doesn't wear any jewelry except his watch when he's going somewhere (he doesn't even wear that all the time--typically, he just looks at his cell phone to know what time it is). I go months at a time without wearing mine. Then, I get in the mood for jewelry and will put it on for awhile. It's a symbol that someone else created. Not important to us.
Wow! Congrats mama!
I've heard that nonsense about girls stealing your beauty before. It's just an example of how females are maligned in this world, even before we are born. I haven't gotten any really rude comments. I've had people tell me that they can't tell, which is odd to me since I've gained somewhere between 15 and 20lbs. Granted, I wear scrubs all day at work, but it seems pretty obvious that there is a belly poking out under there! Most people who know me know to keep their...
Why would you need to wait to get a piercing while nursing? I'm a physician and have never heard of such of a thing (and yes, I have colleagues who have nose piercings---all small studs..times-they-are-achanging!). I'm assuming that it's a fear of it getting infected and passing said infection on? I'll have to consult my Pediatrician colleagues on this one.
Sweet. Thanks ladies. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and didn't even think twice about my tongue piercing (the only thing that bothered me was the swelling). I just want it to be healed quickly because I don't a red, swollen nose when I go back to work.
I'm thinking of getting my nose pierced while I'm out on maternity leave. I'm looking to find out about how long it took for yours to heal (just a plain-ole stud). I had my tongue pierced back in the day and remember that it took about a week for swelling to go down and it was completely pain free and "normal" after about a month (my ear piercings actually took longer to heal for me). Anyhow, please share!
A little late, but Eid Mubarak! We had a great day today. DS was well-behaved at the masjid for the Eid Salah and was such a good boy when we went out to eat. Now, he was a little brat at home, but I was so proud of him while we were out. I love Eid.
Hmmmm. They are still swearing that they don't cover CPM's. They will cover a CNM under the in-network price. I want MY midwife. Not a random person (if that's what I wanted I'd just give birth in the hospital and get whoever was on call!). I'm going to have to call and complain....ALOT.
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