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Oil is going to make the skin and hair softer, but I don't think you can stop shedding. Just go outside and brush, brush, brush on a regular basis.
What products do you use for preventing ticks on your dogs? We have our greyhound on Revolution for fleas/heartworm/ticks, but I'm not feeling so confident on the tick part. But, I want something safe for the dog and my kids to be around. In addition, our one cat has been sneaking outside so I'd like to use something for her too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kathryn Can you imagine having sex with him? *shudder* I think it would probably involve a syringe... and possibly some ether.
Quote: Originally Posted by Anuska That shouldn't be so shocking. Some of us have huh? Yes, but we're not crazy.
Wait a minute, back up. Did you just use the phrase "getting older" in a sentence about turning 21? Oh, that's not right. BTW, I turned 30 last year and LOVE being 30. I was so over my 20s. I can't wait to enjoy this decade and then see what 40 and fabulous has to offer next.
I think a subscribtion is a wonderful idea. I don't always agree with what I read in Mothering, but at least it gets me thinking and makes me want to learn more, maybe your SIL will be the same way.
Quote: Originally Posted by tannersmommy I think it was a foreshadowing for things that we don't know about Jack's past yet. You know, like we're going to find out he was some sort of marksman or something...I can't wait until we find out where his tatoos came from and what they mean. Oh good point. That would go along nicely with answering why he was in Phuket. Something very dark and dangerous about the good doctor.
Kiss My Face Fly Swotter. That's good stuff!
Great job standing up for yourself and child. My DH and I were in Vegas two weeks ago, and I saw more non-nursing breasts bouncing around than I ever saw in all my years of breastfeeding.
Ok, I was going to keep my mouth shut, but I just can't. I have serious concerns for the health of these babies... concerns that donating breastmilk will only touch on. This "woman" is 36 weeks pregnant with twins, smokes a pack to pack and a half a day and has only gained 20lbs. Is her OB/midwife concerned for these babies. I know I am. Frankly, I wouldn't give her the milk. It would be a wonderful, compassionate thing for you to do, but I'm afraid these babies are going...
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