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I think a MUST read for any family with dogs and children is Childproofing Your Dog : A Complete Guide to Preparing Your Dog for the Children in Your Life. It's such an easy read and gives great tips for preparing your dog for life with children (and children for life with dogs.) Our dog is wonderful with our children, but I always know that he has limits too and it's the adults responsibility to make sure the kids and dog are never in a situation that could turn...
Ha-ha. I'm laughing so hard, I really thought I was the only adult woman on the planet watching this show. It's totally my dirty little secret. I was watching it last night and DH was in the room, I was so embarrassed, but couldn't turn it off. I just wanted Gina lay into Jade and shut her up. I'm glad she was voted off though, she's was the WORST. But, she should have just said "Jade you look old" and left to stage.
I liked that they showed the breastfeeding, extended at that... but the look on Janice's face during the breastfeeding scene wasn't very loving. I immediately thought, oh she's hating on this. I'm thinking she had the baby to keep Bobby and breastfeeding was only being done to keep up her "hippy" persona, but the look on her face showed the true Janice. I think Silvo and Vito were playing Eugene when they told him Tony said "no" to the Florida move. The way Silvo told...
My just turned 1-year-old is getting a little too heavy (and wiggly!) for my sling. I've decided to get a new carrier and am thinking about a mei tai (either Kozy or Babyhawk) for a back carry but I'm also eyeing up a Hug a bub also. I didn't see instructions on a back carry for the Hug, but front would be fine if need be. Anyone ever use the Hug a bub?
Thanks for the advice. I've been drinking tons or water and pretty much doing shots of Mother's Milk Plus. I planned to make oatmeal cookies this weekend (I can't stand the texture of plain oatmeal) but didn't get a chance to, it's a goal this week. I think you're right Daffodil, he seems to bite more when he's not that hungry, just when I think he should nurse. I'm determined to keep trying...just getting a little gun shy with the nips.
I am so sad about this. I have had a low supply with my 9-month-old and he's been supplemented since he was 5 or 6 months. That alone made me sad, but now he barely wants to nurse and usually bites me within a few seconds of nursing. He actually pulls off with his teeth still attached. OUCHIE! Anywho, I pump but am not getting enough and am worried my nursing days are coming to an end. My toddler weaned himself around 1 year, after I became pregnant with #2 and I was...
Has anyone here ever restarted nursing their toddler after they had stopped for a while. Reason I ask is my oldest son is 28 months and he self-weaned around his 1st birthday. I became pregnant with DS#2 when #1 was 10-months and #1 started to lose interest in nursing shortly thereafter. I pretty much forced the issue for a few more months since I wasn't ready to stop. Anywho, now that I'm nursing #2, #1 is fascinated with my breasts. He's always sticking his hands down...
Yes, it will be hard being apart for such a long time. But if you are really intersted in the position, trust the fact that your dd will be with her father the entire time. Next to me, there's no one I trust more with our children than my DH (my mom is a close third though.) It will probably be good for both of them to spend the day together.
My husband and I bathe with our two sons (8-months and 28-months) quite often. We have a big tub, but it's starting to get a little crowded with all the toys the toddler wants to have in the tub. I have no issue with my boys seeing me naked. I have issues seeing myself naked though :LOL
Quote: Originally Posted by polka123 it's been brought up & embraced with love. Some have had C-sects for whatever reason & should not be excluded in the love also. Not every C-sect is evil the point of the ad is to LOVE your body no matter what I wasn't saying anything bad about showing the c-section. My first son was a c-section. I have no problem with it, in fact I loved that they showed it.
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