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You know, when I saw the commercial the first thing I thought when I saw the c-section scar was, the mammas at MDC aren't gonna like that. I'm glad to see no one has brought that up (well, except for me :LOL).
Didn't read all the replies, but here's my classis tale of pumping at work. Two years later I still get asked to tell the tale. When my first son was born and I returned to work, the organization I work for opened a lacation room in the building my office is in. You have to use your ID to get in the room, but since I was one of the first moms to use the room the ID reader wasn't activated yet and security had to let you in. Well, one day I was in the room going about my...
I'm all for it, my heart sinks when I see kids unbuckled in the car. I even saw a baby, in a car seat that was sitting loose in the back seat of a car once. My head nearly exploded. Frankly, I wouldn't mind getting stopped and checked. I'd even ask the officer if the kids seats were installed correctly. We switch the seats between 2 cars and I always worry that I don't have them tight enough.
This would be completely unnacceptable in my book. No way, no how would I let this continue. I can't even imagine a person thinking this is acceptable to do with their grandchild. Do whatever you need to do to protect your child and don't worry about your MIL's feeling on this issue. It appears she has some body/bathroom issues that need to be addressed. Good luck. I can just imagine how this conversation would go if it were my MIL.
Wow, that would have scared me too. As the mom of two boys (2-year-old and 7-months) I'm thinking in a few months I should just bubble wrap the entire house as a safety precaution.
I have always found older woman to be very supportive of breastfeeding. I guess my husband is right, Barbara Walters is an uptight old bag.
I would be concerned if it were my son. I have two boys ages 2 and 7-months, I am already preparing myself for the day when they dismember a spider or something like that. We are very much an animal loving family, and already teach our children about being kind to animals, but unfortunately sometimes I think children do things like this out of curiosity coupled with not having a full understanding of death. None the less, I would keep hammering home the point that treating...
I was just pumping at work and was thinking of starting a thread about this exact same topic. I think Tom Cruise is nuts, I don't know when it happened, but it clearly did. He's just plain creepy. Katie Holmes needs to wise up and see she's being used by Hollywood PR and a crazy man who believes aliens live in his brain.
I'm 5'8' and 150 (working on that though) and a C-cup. I don't have the fleece hotsling, but one of the sateen ones. Mine is a size 4 and fits well. I understand the fleece is more stretchy than the sateen, so a 4 should probably fit your friend fine.
We got a beautiful buffet table and a baby gate. I am always mad at myself when I don't scope out the trash on trash night. Now that I think about it, the pickins should be getting good with spring cleaning. One of our neighbors took our old computer, it was actually set out for a special "old computer" pick-up and not the regular trash.
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