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Thanks I posted it also in those two other places you suggested!! Wishing everyone the best of luck with this important issue.
Anyone live in Massachusetts? I’m happy to say that the male genital mutilation bill will finally be heard by the committee at a public hearing on March 2nd, at 1 PM in Room A-1 of the State House. If made into law, this bill will make MALE CIRCUMCISION for anyone under 18 for non-medical reasons ILLEGAL (as it is for FEMALES!) This is a major accomplishment for MGM bill and men's rights to choose circumcision (or not) for themselves! If you are...
Just wondering if anyone has any personal experience's of, or has read any father's/dad/man's experience's about/ articles on preconception communication or pre birth communication. Pre birth communication is a spiritual thing where parents-to-be, normally the mother, but sometimes the father, experience what they feel is communications with the not yet conceived or born child's soul, sometimes in the form of lucid pre-conception dreams. Thank you
I am lucky I was never addicted to it and my son doesn't watch it either. But I think just turning it oiff is a good idea. lol I do have a TV at the moment but I watch it about 12 times a year, maybe, and only if someone is visiting and they are into watching tv, but my thoughs are always else where. lol I really only have it because my friends and family like tv, so it's there for them.
Your right, I guess I have a habbit of not living each day and living years ahead of myself. :
Here is my experience.... I was breastfed for 5 years, just thinking about my experience is deeply moving. When I was a child people told my mother I would resent her because she breastfed me into childhood. Nothing could ever be further from the truth. I don't feel different about breastfeeding now then how I felt when I was five. How could I resent her for letting go of cultural taboo's and breastfeeding me into childhood, she opened my eyes and heart to worlds unseen....
I live in Australia... But we still deal with a lot of similar issues.. And it makes me want to grab my son and run far FAR away to a place where he can be protected.
wow. I never thought they would look for something like that. I am in Australia and I am not sure, I will have to ask my grandmother (who works in DOC'S)... I live in a two bedroom home and my son (18 months) sleep's with me on my queen bed. We don't have any other bed's. Honestly, we couldn't afford another bed any way. Not that it bothers me.
I know this is an old thread now but I wanted to thank everyone SO MUCH for taking the time out of your days to reply to my thread when I needed it the most. This is a really wonderful forum and I love it here. I know in my heart I will be OKAY. I know I can do anything I want to do if I put my heart and all of my being in to it. All I have to do is look at my son to see that. I often feel like he is the one who is teaching me.: But it's true. We are both...
Nope, there is NOTHING wrong with breastfeeding a child that is in the breastfed age (birth to seven). I also want to say I was breastfed for five years of my life, and I have only good memories (bar abrupt mother led weaning).
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