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my baby is probably oblique, too. his head is on the lower left side, and butt on the upper right. but i've been doing lots of stuff to encourage his head to settle, so he feels better now. (i'm sitting with my knees lower than my hips as much as possible, getting on all fours, etc.) just empathy from me. mine always settle when it's time, and at least they're head-down, sort of.
me. i'm not ready. emotionally, yes. physically, i could be done being pregnant any time now (37 weeks, 4 days today!), but the little guy is floating high and taking his time settling into place. organizationally, i'm totally behind. christmas crafting, re-covering two chairs and a couch before company comes this weekend, and oh, yes, finishing the birth kit and getting out the baby's clothes. need to install the carseat, too. we have radians, and they all fit little...
i'm alternately excited/anxious and laid back/not ready. with christmas and baby prep combining all at one time, i'm a little behind! still haven't finished the homebirth kit, though it's ready enough. and still last minute christmas gifts to sew up... my first was five weeks early, but my last two have been just days from my due date, so i'm not holding my breath. i'm 37/4 today. and i just don't feel like he's coming out any time soon.
i haven't ever really noticed losing a mucus plug during any of my pregnancies/labors, but i usually have bloody show right before labor. that said, i've seen nothin' yet. nothin'.
i don't usually have time for a big water birth. my second was born in the bathtub, but it was your standard tiny tub, not ideal. she came so fast that i didn't really have much of a choice, lol. so we don't plan for birth tubs or even our nice big fishy pool anymore. there's just no time. i'm 37 weeks today, so time to kick it into high gear. i need to clean up this bedroom, where i will likely labor and birth, and finish stocking the birth kit (it's almost done). need...
congratulations! she's such a little doll baby.
my little guy gets hiccups at least once a day, often several times. all my babies have. i always hope it's a good thing!
congrats! what a beautiful little boy!
i know! only less than four weeks until i can have this baby at home! toooooo much left to do! but i can't wait to meet him, no matter how far i get through the to-do list.
i'm so sorry. i understand you too well; i have the same weight gain issues, right down to the binging when i feel crappy. take it easy on yourself. take a deep breath and eat a healthy meal. take a walk. do not look at that scale, and make sure that midwife knows better next time. *hugs*
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