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Join ICAN on Facebook and see if there's anyone in your area who can recommend providers.  Great way to network.
Get in touch with your local chapter of ICAN: www.ican-online.org - you can search for a chapter near you on the website.  Or you may want to check Facebook for your local chapter or the international group.  You will be able to network with women in your area to identify providers who will attend you.
Hi all,   My daughter has had 3 ear infections in the past 3 months and is complaining today of more ear pain!  The last time we went to the pediatrician she referred us to an ENT.  That appointment is not until next week.  Anyhow, I'm doing some research on ear tubes, in the event that that is what the ENT suggests.  I'd also like to know if there are any alternatives - specifically - has anyone tried chiropractic care to treat fluid in the middle ear? My daughter is...
Don't have a husband/partner who has allergies! Children who have a parent with allergies (food, or otherwise) are 50% more likely to have an allergy themselves.
What about Portland? Definitely crunchy.  Closer to the beach might mean you'd want to choose the west side... maybe a suburb, off 26? Hillsboro?  Beaverton?  I'm an east sider, so I really can't say much about those communities or what a rental costs or what would be considered a decent neighborhood.  My folks live in Raleigh Hills, which is Portland, but in the Beaverton School District.  It's nice there but again, not sure about rentals.  I think throughout the...
I would think that if the mom or dad wanted to go with the baby they'd allow that... my brother went with his son... came out saying it was the most awful thing ever, but that at least he "looks good." pffffttt.  I don't think they should do circs without a parent present to witness what is happening to their child.
Thanks, I'll look into her! We are pretty ok with going wherever the best fit for him is at this point.  LO is not too far.
Hi all,   I am searching for a fantastic psychiatrist for my husband who is suffering from depression and anxiety.  He's currently seeing an inexperienced MHNHP and it's time to find someone new and step up our game.   Anywhere in the Portland metro area is fine.  Also, if you know of a great therapist, I'd welcome those suggestions too.  He needs both.   Thank you!!!
I have a 2.5 year old who LOVES to nurse.  We night weaned a while back, though he still wakes me up eaaaarrrrrllly to nurse.  We also still nurse at bedtime although he doesn't fall asleep there anymore unless he's missed his nap.   I really kind of wish we could be all done nursing.  Or maybe at least with the mornings.  He routinely tells me, "Mommy, I LOVE your boobs! Thank you for giving me milk!" even though I don't really think there's much milk in there any...
Thanks for the sympathy and advice. Sometimes I know I'll be nostalgic about it and other days I just really want my boobs back! Thankfully he doesn't nurse to sleep at night any more, but it's still part of the bedtime routine. I'm wondering if I could try replacing it with warm almond milk and honey or if that would just start a new bad habit. It would probably cause tooth decay, wouldn't it? He might accept it though, because I really don't have any milk left. I did it...
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