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SD (8) does not have her own room at our house. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment, which is all we can afford. She stays here 1 weekend and 1 tuesday a month. She shares a room with DS (19months), but has her own bed, space in a dresser for her clothes, and her toys and books are stored with DS's toys and books in the toy drawers and bookshelves. I am currently pregnant with #2 and if we are still in this apartment in a year or so, SD will sleep on the trundle bed when she...
I am also having this. Lots of gas, bloating and going to the bathroom a lot. Nausea just started today, but the other stomach things have been going on about a week or so.
I am nursing my 17 month old DS and he has majorly increased his nursing lately! What's up with that?
EDD: 4/3 Name: Dina Dh/So name: Uri Age: 26 Other Children: DS 3/18/08 Any Furbabies: nope Any names you are thinking of: We don't share potential names until we've given it formally. Are you secretly hoping for a specific gender: girl would be nice this time State: NY Anything else? Planning an HBAC!
We will be reusing DS's KL0s and pfs. I have covers and a few pieces of wool. will knit some more.
Does anyone in NYC/Brooklyn have a homebirth midwife that they would recommend. I need someone who does HBACs. TY!
Quote: Originally Posted by plunky I think it depends. Are you a SAHM who takes care of other kids during this time? If so, I think you should be able to handle your SD on those afternoons. If you aren't...then I think it's reasonable for you to say "no, I'm not taking care of this kid." You shouldn't be forced to do this just because you're the wife. I think a lot of men fall into the trap of wanting to be taken care of, and offloading childcare...
I just read an essay on disengaging. DH is asleep now, but I emailed it to him and asked him to read it and give me his opinion. I think that is what I'd like to try. I will be physically present and do things if my DH needs me to, but leave the main responsibility to him. Opinions?
Quote: Originally Posted by IlluminatedAttic Those weekends should be planned so that your dh takes his dd on an outing, or even stays in and you go out or just stay in a different part of the house, for at least most of one of the days. Take your ds and spend one-on-one time with him, it can only benefit you both. As the pp pointed out, these are her EOWs, put in place to ensure the continued relationship between her and her father. The fact that you...
Quote: Originally Posted by Oriole I do think you are being unreasonable. And believe me when I tell you, dsd and I had some ROUGH patches when she was growing up, especially around 10-11 y.o. landmark. The bad news. You are in it together - you and your partner. She is his daughter, and you can't pose ultimatums to father regarding his child. I just can't imagine telling DP "I'm done, you are on your own". We stop being a family at that point. (at...
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